London Emerges as World’s Most Crypto-Ready City for Business Research

London is making strides when it comes to cryptocurrency. A recent research conducted by the U.K.-based Crypto Valley Association (CVA) has revealed that the British capital is the world’s most crypto-ready city for business.

The report explains that the CVA defines a crypto-ready city as “the place where crypto-friendly regulation, talent, and an active crypto community meet.” The research evaluated the cities on the following topics: regulation and compliance; talent and education; events and meetups; infrastructure and services; investment and funding; government and business; and community and culture.

London was ranked highly in areas such as events and meetups, government, business, infrastructure, and services. The city is known for hosting several blockchain-related conferences and events, as well as having a large number of businesses and startups that focus on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other digital assets.

In terms of regulation and compliance, London was ranked third, behind New York and Tokyo. The report explains that London’s regulatory environment is “favorable” and that the city is “open to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.”

The report also notes that London is home to a large number of blockchain and cryptocurrency talent, with hundreds of developers, entrepreneurs, and investors living in the city.

Overall, the research conducted by the CVA shows that London is becoming a major hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency-related businesses and entrepreneurs. The city’s favorable regulatory environment, its large talent pool, and its vibrant events and meetups are all contributing to its success as the most crypto-ready city for business.

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