Litecoin, DigiByte And 2 Other Altcoins Are Primed To Pump Higher, Says BitBoy Crypto

Top analyst Ben Armstrong from Bitboy Crypto shares with his subscriber the top 4 altcoins with decent fundamentals to investing as altcoin season is back.

DigiByte (DGB)

First on this list is DigiByte (DGB), one of the longest-running blockchains in the industry and one of the most popular coins for independent miners.

DigiByte uses five cryptographic algorithms and real-time difficulty adjustment to keep mining hash power as decentralized as possible. One of these mining algorithms is called Odocrypt, and it changes every 10 days. These efforts make DigiByte one of the most ASIC-resistant blockchains out there.”

This project may not get as much attention as it did in 2017, but developers continue to build and innovate in key areas that solve crucial problems for crypto.

In addition to having extremely fast and cheap transactions, DigiByte has also been the first to execute important breakthroughs that have been adopted by other developers across the industry, such as mining with multiple algorithms and scaling solutions like SegWit.

According to the trader, there have also been rumors that Microsoft could be using DigiByte’s technology.

Earlier this year, Daniel Villamizar, a Senior Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft Azure in Colombia, tweeted that Microsoft was using DigiByte’s technology with a payment service called HUMBL Pay.”

Earlier this year, DigiByte broke through its previous all-time high to reach $0.15 nd is now sitting back at around $0.07 after getting knocked down during the fake bear market. The crypto KOL says that now things are looking bullish, it could be set for a pump.

Neo (NEO)

Neo (NEO) is a smart contract platform based in China. During the 2017 bull run, Neo was branded as the Ethereum of China and it was one of the top coins in the market, but that narrative became less appealing as the Chinese government started to put more regulatory pressure on the crypto markets.

The regulatory environment in China might not be good for new blockchain startups, but it will probably be good for Neo.”

The trader adds that in fact, Neo founder Da Hongfei actually encouraged the Chinese government to heavily regulate the crypto industry back in 2017. Many industry insiders are expecting Neo to profit greatly from this early cooperation.

“It might sound odd that Neo would actually benefit from being regulated. It’s called regulatory capture. Regulatory agencies actually end up creating and protecting monopolies (Neo in this sense) by making it too difficult for businesses to comply with their rules.”

According to the crypto KOL, Neo’s v3 mainnet just launched this month and promises to deliver important new features to the platform, including decentralized storage and oracles along with multiple scaling upgrades.

Yet, Neo has still not reached its all-time high of $200 during this year’s bull run. The price of Neo is still way off of its all-time high. Its market cap is just under $4 billion. The Armstrong expects that it would no bet hard to see Neo breaking $200 this cycle, climbing back into the top 20.


CRO is the token that powers, one of the fastest-growing exchanges that offer a wide variety of different services including the Visa card.

The analyst highlights that the relationship with Visa goes much deeper than just the payment card. Earlier this year, a partnership was announced between the two companies which will allow Visa to accept crypto payments in the form of USDC stablecoins from

Back in 2019 and 2020, the trader says that it was not uncommon to see CRO token in the top 30, and it pushed all the way to the top 10 in CoinMarketCap. But these days, it’s tumbled back down into the 40s and 50s. Yet, he shows a strong belief that CRO will be back in its position soon.

CRO had reached new all-time highs and was climbing higher back when we had the crash in May and is now finally starting to recover. It may not be moving as fast as some other assets on the market right now because hype and speculation is focused on other sectors, but the fundamentals and partnerships are extremely strong here. It’s only a matter of time before the price catches up.”

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin (LTC) is one of the longest-lasting crypto assets in the industry. For a long time, Litecoin was one of the most popular crypto assets to use for transactions because it was much faster and cheaper than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Although LTC is pushed back to the top 20 by market cap, Litecoin is always one of the first assets listed through institutional firms like Grayscale and merchant-based services like PayPal.

In terms of the price, although Litecoin has been slow to recover as things have picked back up across the markets, historically this has always been one of the strongest performers during alt season. The analyst believes that this coin still has plenty of potential for a breakout.

Litecoin’s market cap of $12 billion makes it a prime candidate to make a move back to the top 10. If it were to break into the top 10 and push out sputtering projects like Polkadot, it would see a price increase to $450 or more before the bull market is over.”

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