Lisk Launches New Accelerator Program to Cultivate Web3 App-Specific Blockchains

Lisk, the open-source Web3 platform, has announced the launch of a new accelerator program aimed at expanding its ecosystem. The program aims to attract experienced developers and entrepreneurs who want to build a Web3 application using Lisk’s software development kit (SDK).

The goal is to cultivate blockchain solutions that specialize in apps, particularly those that eliminate middlemen, reduce costs, and increase efficiency across various industries, including finance, healthcare, and supply chain management.

According to Max Kordek, CEO of Lisk, “Web3 apps are enabling trustless relationships with each other across many industries, and by eliminating middlemen, reducing costs and reducing costs. Efficiency can be achieved. We believe that we can create a completely new business model. The Lisk Accelerator is a way to find and support such projects.”

The Lisk Accelerator Program is intended for startups with Web3 development experience over several years. The program provides mentorship, technical support, and funding teams of developers need to bring their ideas to life. The funding for the project will be divided into four stages, starting with the Bootstrap grant of approximately 580,000 yen (4,000 SF) for startups that have not developed a proof of concept (POC) using the Lisk SDK. The other stages include Builder Grants, Booster subsidy, and Breakout grant, with each providing more significant amounts of funding for the startups.

The first period of the accelerator program started on March 20th and will run until June 30th, while the second period will run from September 1st to November 30th. Applications will be accepted twice, and Lisk aims to find and support projects that work on blockchain solutions that specialize in apps.

Lisk is an open-source Web3 application platform designed for interoperability with sidechains. It is run by the Lisk Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Zug, Switzerland. The platform uses JavaScript as its programming language, and its SDK allows developers to build their own sidechains compatible with Lisk, enabling developers to use JavaScript to build their own app-specific blockchains.

The accelerator program is a significant step for Lisk as it aims to expand its ecosystem and attract more developers and entrepreneurs to the platform. It provides a unique opportunity for startups to receive mentorship, technical support, and funding to bring their ideas to life. With the increasing demand for Web3 applications, Lisk is well-positioned to support the growth and development of blockchain solutions that specialize in apps.

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