Lionel Messi received a large number of PSG fan tokens as part of new financial package, but price down by more than 7%

The soccer megastar Lionel Messi might receive fan tokens from the PSG football club as part of his transfer package from Barcelona F.C.

Lionel Messi will receive cryptocurrency tokens as part of transfer deal to the new football club

Paris Saint-Germain has reportedly paid a portion of Lionel Messi’s welcoming package in its own fan token – PSG. It is known that Messi has left the Spanish football club because they cannot afford the financial that the football superstar offers. He then signed a new two-year contract with French club Paris St Germain. When the first rumors of a potential transfer surfaced, the PSG Fat Token had surged by more than 74% in less than four days.

According to Reuters, Messi had received a portion of the welcome package (the signing on fee) in the team’s cryptocurrency fan token – PSG. The payment was made by the token provider – Socios.com.

Although the club did not disclose the exact amount Messi received through the PSG token, it said it was a large number. These fan tokens have skyrocketed in popularity recently, and the $PSG one actually jumped in price as well, as Messi’s signing was in the works.

“The hype surrounding the latest signings in the club’s busy summer transfer window created a huge surge of interest in PSG Fan Tokens, with trading volumes exceeding $1.2 billion in the days preceding the move”, the team acknowledged this in its latest statement.


PSG/USDT 4-hour chart | Source: TradingView

However, the news that Messi has received PSG has not positively impacted the token’s price yet. The coin is down by more than 7% in the past 24 hours. It is currently trading at $41.08.

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