Light V3 Enables First-ever Zero-knowledge Layer (zkLayer) on Solana Blockchain

Light Protocol, a blockchain development team, has announced the launch of Light V3, the first-ever zero-knowledge Layer (zkLayer) on the Solana blockchain platform. This groundbreaking development, referred to as Private Solana Programs (PSP), enables private program execution directly on Solana.

With the release of Light V3, developers now have the capability to build a wide range of applications on Solana, including fast and private payments, encrypted order books, and public on-chain games with private state.

One of the significant advantages of Light V3 is its speed, with full zkSNARK (zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge) verification taking place in one atomic transaction, which only requires approximately 400 milliseconds. Additionally, settlements can be done directly on the Solana blockchain, eliminating the need for rollups.

So how does Light V3 achieve this? The protocol allows developers to move private program logic to the client side. Solana then verifies zkSNARKs, which provide cryptographic proof of the correctness of state transitions computed by the client, without revealing the transition itself. This approach ensures privacy while maintaining the integrity of the blockchain.

Light Protocol’s Testnet is already live, and they plan to roll out the Next-Gen zkLayer for Solana on the Mainnet in the coming months. This offers developers and users an opportunity to start building their own PSP projects with customization options. Light Protocol emphasizes its commitment to openness, as all their developments are open-source and available on their GitHub repository.

In a previous update, Light Protocol had shielded $1.52 million worth of Solana (SOL) for private transaction checks during the implementation of Light V1. The team’s announcement of Light V2 had also garnered significant attention within the crypto community on Twitter.

The introduction of Light V3 and the Private Solana Programs (PSP) is a major step forward in expanding the capabilities and privacy options available on the Solana blockchain. Developers and users alike can now leverage this innovative protocol to build a variety of applications securely and efficiently. As the rollout to the Solana Mainnet approaches, the industry eagerly anticipates the positive impact of Light V3 on the blockchain ecosystem.

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