LayerZero, Berachain, Zodia Custody, Sei, and SwissBorg: The Top 5 Crypto Raises of April 2023

The month of April 2023 saw a decrease of 30% in the total funds raised for crypto projects compared to the previous month, according to Defi Llama. However, amidst this downturn, several notable projects managed to secure significant investments. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 crypto raises for April 2023.

At the top of the list is LayerZero, which secured a $120M Series B investment on April 4th. The focus of this project is on message passing between blockchains. With a $3B valuation, the company plans to expand its reach into the Asia-Pacific region and gaming.

The second spot on the list is occupied by Berachain, which raised $42M in a private round on April 20th. Berachain is developing a DeFi-focused EVM-compatible L1 built on the Cosmos SDK, powered by Proof of Liquidity Consensus.

Zodia Custody, a company providing crypto custody services, raised $36M on April 27th, securing the third spot on the list. With plans to expand internationally and improve its product offerings, the company is looking to make a significant impact in the world of crypto asset management.

The fourth spot on the list is taken by Sei, which garnered a $30M strategic investment on April 11th. This project is working on an L1 blockchain, and the funding will help accelerate Sei Labs’ growth, including a deeper expansion into the Asia-Pacific region.

Last but not least, SwissBorg secured a $23M Series A investment on April 3rd, with 16,600 investors. Specializing in crypto asset management, SwissBorg aims to strengthen its offerings and expand its services.

Despite the overall downturn in funds raised for crypto projects, these companies managed to attract significant investments. It is a testament to the strength and potential of the cryptocurrency industry, which continues to attract investors looking to capitalize on its growth and potential. It will be interesting to see how these companies use their newfound funding to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of cryptocurrency.

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