Layer 2 Metis integrates Chainlink CCIP for secure and scalable cross-chain token bridge

Metis, a permissionless Ethereum layer-2 network powering the next generation of decentralized applications, has announced a strategic partnership with Chainlink, the industry-standard decentralized computing platform, to leverage Chainlink CCIP as its canonical token bridge infrastructure.

Chainlink CCIP is a protocol that enables secure and reliable cross-chain interoperability between any blockchain networks. It is the only cross-chain solution that achieves level-5 security, the highest standard of cross-chain security, according to Chainlink. It is also backed by the Risk Management Network, a separate network that monitors and verifies cross-chain operations for any malicious or erroneous activity.

Metis chose Chainlink CCIP as its official canonical token bridge after conducting extensive research into all available cross-chain options. By integrating Chainlink CCIP, Metis aims to expand its cross-chain footprint, enhance user and developer experience, and accelerate adoption of its layer-2 network.

The integration will allow Metis to bridge leading stablecoins from Ethereum mainnet onto the Metis network, enabling users to access low-cost, high-speed, and scalable transactions on Metis. Over time, Metis plans to support additional blockchain networks and tokens to further grow its ecosystem.

The integration will also provide Metis with several additional benefits, such as:

  • Faster token transfers from Metis to Ethereum, reducing the waiting time from seven days to minutes.
  • A standardized interface for interacting across chains, simplifying the user experience and reducing the complexity of cross-chain operations.
  • Access to Programmable Token Transfers, a feature that allows tokens to be transferred along with instructions for their use on the destination chain, such as depositing stablecoins into a lending market upon arrival.

Moreover, the integration will expose Metis to Chainlink’s large and active Web3 developer community, as well as the increasing capital markets interest and adoption of the Chainlink platform.

“Security and user experience are our top priorities when it comes to the infrastructure securing the canonical Metis token bridge, and Chainlink CCIP’s defense-in-depth security architecture and advanced capabilities are unparalleled,” said Tom Ngo, Executive Lead at Metis. “We’re thrilled to be integrating Chainlink CCIP to enable Metis to securely interoperate cross-chain and help drive the network’s long-term growth and adoption.”

“We’re excited that Metis has chosen Chainlink CCIP as its canonical token bridge infrastructure,” stated Johann Eid, Chief Business Officer at Chainlink Labs. “By securely interoperating cross-chain via CCIP, Metis is able to provide a more seamless developer and user experience in its ecosystem while helping to accelerate the adoption of its layer-2 network.”

The integration of Chainlink CCIP is expected to launch in the coming months and will be available for all Metis appchains. More information on the migration will be provided soon.

With Chainlink CCIP, Metis hopes to achieve its vision of becoming a leading layer-2 network for building secure and scalable Web3 apps.

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