Latest developments related to Ponzi OneCoin: Mark Scott’s lawsuit and joke about the TV series The Missing Cryptoqueen

Lawyer Mark Scott’s lawsuit over the Ponzi OneCoin money laundering case is developing excitingly. On February 14, DOJ requested a three-week deferral of the deadline to respond to Scott’s new trial motion.

Mark Scott’s sentence is likely to be pushed back to May

From there, Scott will have another three weeks to respond, sentencing around May 26. No explanation for the postponement of a request is provided. Scott is currently expected to be sentenced on April 21. The bond notification hearing is scheduled for February 25.

The hearing is a bail evaluation, which means potential changes to Scott’s current house arrest conditions. Making a verdict is only a few months, not sure what the problem is. Stay tuned for the results of the hearing!

Ponzi OneCoin promoter used the TV series about The Missing Cryptoqueen to market the project

Besides, there was information that The Missing Cryptoqueen was made into a drama. However, it won’t take long to know that Jamie Bartlett’s BBC documentary, The Cryptoqueen, doesn’t support the Ponzi scheme.

However, if you are a OneCoin fan and still promote this program, chances are you haven’t heard it. Or deliberately not knowing there. That led to such hilarious promotional posts from Kamran Hye.


Source: Kamran Hye Facebook post

Hye introduces herself as an experienced management consultant for more than 20 years. Hye lives in London, England, and continues to promote OneCoin.

After news of The Missing Cryptoqueen was made into a drama, Hye went to Facebook to spread the good news. According to Hye, Ruja Ignatova’s mother has included a previously appeared video.

At that time, Hye said:

“The bidding for the TV series on Cryptoqueen was sold in large numbers (undisclosed) because many famous production companies tried to win it when they saw the demand for it and the worldwide audience in the different languages ​​and countries, In my opinion, current active leaders will be introduced instead of those who leave because of their continued presence in the system. eco ONE. ”

It seems that Hye is serious about this drama. And Hye believes that someone will bring Ruja Ignatova’s OneCoin scam to the TV series and continue to promote OneCoin by introducing people who are still pushing it. I don’t know if any investor or director would do something stupid like this. Or at least that’s what Hye put out, despite being so serious about the show being planned.

How much did Hye lose in OneCoin? Or are you plotting something by hiring others into the Ponzi scheme? Earlier this month, the rest of OneCoin held a meeting in Vietnam.


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