Last night, Sushiswap was experiencing an exploit, and developer was taking steps to mitigate it

AMM (automated market maker) exchange Sushiswap is experiencing a stealth attack and the head anonymous developer 0xMaki is taking steps to mitigate it. Up to now, the mining has been settled and all lost user funds (between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000) will be covered by the Sushiswap treasury.

Sushiswap was experiencing an exploit

Talking to the anonymous head developer 0xMaki, one of Andy smart contract engineers said:

“He (0xMaki) said there was some weirdness going on but was unsure what it was. We spent about 1 hour in a discord call going through transactions until we figured out what the exploit was.”

Andy explained that the attacker wrapped the liquidity group’s tokens and deployed them into a new pool, allowing the attacker to do really weird logic to pull the underlying tokens out of the reward contract. The affected contracts have been patched within hours and according to 0xMaki.

Adding a class of conspiracy to the exploit is 0xMaki, and the Sushiswap team tried to contact the miner as they searched to find a solution, sending a short message to the miner’s address:

“I see you, we are working on fixing it. Contact me on Discord for a bug bounty – 0xMaki.”

Similar messages characterize many recent hacks and exploits, including the Value DeFi quick loan exploit in which the miner mocked the group (and then returned some of the proceeds to a victim claiming to be a nurse) and a previous Dforce hack, in which the attacker returns the money with a note about the future.

Andy didn’t think it was the start of a broader trend:

“I don’t see it turning into anything just cause it is expensive and inefficient.”

A quick fix could also be a sign that Sushiswap’s broader fortunes are on the rise. The arrival of Sushiswap at the scene, the founder of the exit scam, and eventually returning the rugpulled fund was one of the most tumultuous stories of the wild DeFi summer.

However, as time passed, the market once again showed confidence in Sushiswap. SUSHI price of the exchange increased by more than 100% in the month.

Andy’s beliefs, for his part, never wavered, and reacting to the attack was just another sign of the new Sushi team’s prowess.

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