Lark Davis Pointed Out 5 Ways To Make $1,000 With Crypto

Do you want to make thousands of dollars? Money is being made every single day in this market. The only question is whether you are taking those opportunities.

In the latest video, Lark Davis, an expert in crypto is going to lay them out for you. He has shared the place where you can take advantage of these opportunities and the top 5 ways to make $1,000 with cryptocurrency.


The first way to make a truckload of money is the DeFi space. Lark has listed out some great places where traders can stake their money and receive some sweet profit.


Parallel finance is a Polkadot (DOT) parachains, that has released their staked DOT product. You can take that DOT, bring it to swap it over, and then you can still get your 14.5% staking APY from the DOT, plus 76% extra in Parallel Finance tokens.

Orca’s Product: Whirlpools

Orca is a Solana-based decentralized exchange with some incredible opportunities. They have a new product called Whirlpools. You can deposit your funds and earn some really great rewards.They do have higher risk pools like SOL/USDC at up to 228% APR, which is a huge amount of reward.


Spool is a new protocol that has just released a few days ago. They have some really high APY. You can deposit your stablecoin, determine whether you’d like to go for lower risk or a higher risk option and get some pretty good rewards. It’s offering around 40% APY.


This is how people are making a lot of money every single day. In order to make this money, you have to buy a pair of NFT shoes. The cheapest is around $1,000. It does take some investment to get set up here but if you do have the money, and you like walking or you’re a jogger or a runner, this could be a really interesting opportunity to just earn some money for doing stuff.

You’re going to do it every single day. It’s an interesting opportunity in this market. All you have to do is get outside, go for a walk, and earn some money.


If you don’t know how to trade, you don’t have any business trading, especially trading futures. Then Bybit is a great place to do it.

They’re doing an airdrop. You just need $100 to open up a position and start trading. If you have some more money, you can deposit and get up to a $3,000 bonus. That is pretty attractive. And if you are a trader, it’s an opportunity to take the free money with only $100 on Bybit


Another crazy opportunity to make money in this market is airdrops. Hop protocol and Optimism are both doing crypto airdrop. They are layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum. They have confirmed that they’re doing airdrops. You’re going to get some free money.

You may be eligible for some of these airdrops. It’s free money and Lark has made on airdrops thousands upon thousands of dollars, just for using protocols early.

Token Sales

Partisia Token Sale

This is a very interesting blockchain. Their technology is absolutely amazing. Their token sale is coming up in 25 days. Registration’s open right now. You have plenty of time to complete the KYC. You can get involved early and make money with this platform.


The second sale is YGG SEA (Yield Guild South East Asia). Their token sale is coming from May 9th to May 14th. They’re going to be happening on the Copper Launch platform, a platform for open, transparent, and user-friendly participation in Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools.

YGG is a gaming guild focused on places like Indonesia and Thailand and so on. A lot of people are playing it and they’re working with a lot of big games and huge investors. The Copper Launch sales are open to everybody. But it’s kind of a bidding system. The price usually starts pretty high and then goes down. So don’t ape in and do be aware that these copper launches are a great way to get tokens early.

In conclusion, DeFi, STEPN, ByBit, Airdrops, and Token Sale are 5 ways to make money in the cryptocurrency market right now, when the market is still bloody.

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