[Kyber Netwok] KyberSwap New Feature: Trading Leaderboard

See where you stand in KyberSwap Trading Contests! Check your rankings against other KyberSwappers and claim your rewards directly on KyberSwap!

Announcing KyberSwap New Feature: Trading Leaderboard

KyberSwap is excited to announce our new Trading Leaderboard feature!

We know you KyberSwappers love our Trading Contests, and so do we!

Introducing our new Campaigns page complete with a brand new Trading Leaderboard specially for KyberSwap Trading Contests!

KyberSwap Trading Leaderboard

With our new points based ranking system, KyberSwappers can now check their eligibility and ranking directly on KyberSwap.com when you participate in our active Trading Contests!

Note: $1 = 1 point

This enables:

  • Transparent viewing of your ranking & rewards
  • You can get a heads-up of upcoming campaigns and ongoing campaigns
  • KyberSwap will now be able to run multiple trading campaigns concurrently (used to be one at a time) — so more rewards for everyone!

*hint hint* This Trading Leaderboard page will be a very important part of our 5 Year Anniversary celebrations 😉 so keep tuning in for our upcoming campaigns!

Our Campaigns page also comes with an easy “share” button on the top right, so you can share opportunities easily and brag about your rank placement with your friends! Spread the good word!

Missing our Sure-Win Trading Contests? Not to worry! Future Trading Campaign on KyberSwap will have different rewards & eligibility criteria such as leaderboard-based, random and yes even sure-wins 😉 Some leaders may even win NFTs from our project partners!

So stay tuned to our announcements for more upcoming Trading Campaigns!

Trading battles just got epic!

About Kyber Network

Kyber Network is building a world where any token is usable anywhere. KyberSwap.com, our flagship Decentralized Exchange (DEX), provides the best rates for traders in DeFi and maximizes returns for liquidity providers.

KyberSwap powers 100+ integrated projects and has facilitated over US$7 billion worth of transactions for thousands of users since its inception. Currently deployed across 12 chains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Cronos, Arbitrum, Velas, Aurora, Oasis, BitTorrent and Optimism.

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