Korea’s major centralized crypto platform announces airdrop for all XRP holders

Upbit, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in Korea, declared its involvement in an airdrop of xCORE tokens for all XRP holders. Rewards will also be given to owners of SOLO, the token of one of the most well-known projects on the XRP Ledger, Sologenic. MEXC, another significant exchange, previously announced a similar event.

As an XRP or SOLO owner, you must have tokens in your exchange balance when the snapshot is made to receive xCORE on Upbit. This is planned to occur at noon, Korean Standard Time, on March 24. The actual xCORE airdrop will happen a day later, on May 15. During the event, 50 million tokens will be given equally among SOLO and XRP holders.

Upbit warns in its announcement that acceptance of the airdrop does not imply that the exchange would accept transactions. Moreover, the exchange will stop accepting deposits and withdrawals for XRP and SOLO two hours before the snapshot is recorded.

To address the needs for Sologenic that XRPL cannot, the Sologenic Development Fund developed Coreum (CORE), a Layer 1 decentralized blockchain. xCORE is a token option for a native token of Coreum (CORE). The impending airdrop will occur at the same moment that Coreum becomes live on the main network.

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