KOL Logan Paul Announces CryptoZoo NFT Buy-Back Program Amidst Project Collapse

Logan Paul, the renowned figure and co-founder of the CryptoZoo game, recently unveiled plans to repurchase CryptoZoo NFTs from supporters following the project’s collapse. In an announcement made on X date, the YouTuber, boasting millions of views, expressed his commitment to compensating those who had invested in CryptoZoo NFTs.

The buy-back initiative, operational via http://EGGNFTBUYBACK.COM, invites individuals who purchased Base Egg and Base Animal CryptoZoo NFTs to claim a refund at their original purchase price until February 8.

In his statement, Logan Paul reiterated his initial intentions behind the CryptoZoo project, emphasizing a desire for success and fulfillment of the shared vision. Paul emphasized that despite investing hundreds of thousands of dollars, he had not profited from the venture. On the contrary, he stated a personal commitment exceeding $2.3 million for repurchasing Base Eggs and Base Animals from disillusioned CryptoZoo supporters.

Paul attributed the project’s failure to nefarious actors within the venture, confirming this following an extensive investigation involving blockchain analysis and scrutiny of numerous communications. This evidence prompted Paul to file a lawsuit in federal court in Texas against these actors, substantiating claims of internal sabotage and financial betrayal.

However, despite his substantial investment and efforts to see the game developed, regulatory obstacles emerged, preventing the game’s release. Paul lamented spending $400,000 on the game’s development, only to discover insurmountable hurdles that would further delay the buy-back process.

The initiative aimed to compensate intended players rather than speculative investors in the crypto market. Paul emphasized that the Zoo Token, associated with CryptoZoo, was not intended for investment purposes but to support the game and its players, as specified in the original WhitePaper.

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