KOL Ben Armstrong Arrested While Confronting Former Business Partner

In a surprising turn of events last night, Ben Armstrong, widely recognized as the crypto influencer behind Bitboy Crypto, was arrested while attempting to confront a former business partner. The incident, which unfolded during a live stream, has left the crypto community buzzing with questions and speculation.

According to online records from the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department, Benjamin Charles Armstrong was taken into custody late on the evening of September 25. However, as of now, there are no formal charges listed against him, leaving the circumstances surrounding his arrest shrouded in mystery.

Armstrong’s livestream, which was being broadcast to his online audience, began with an apparent mission to confront a former business partner. Numerous viewers, taking to X (formerly Twitter), speculated that the confrontation might be linked to an attempt to recover Armstrong’s Lamborghini.

However, the situation took a dramatic and concerning turn when law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, as revealed by excerpts of the livestream shared by viewers on X. In the video, Armstrong can be seen interacting with the police, and during this encounter, he disclosed to the officers that he had a weapon in his car. At present, it remains unclear whether any weapons were seized or if this revelation led to his arrest. Armstrong has not yet issued a statement in response to these events.

This latest development comes on the heels of a series of controversies involving Ben Armstrong and his Bitboy Crypto brand. Just a few weeks ago, the popular YouTube channel, which was formerly led by Armstrong, made headlines by announcing his ousting. The official statement claimed that this decision was part of “a prolonged effort to help Ben during his relapse into substance abuse as well as reconcile the emotional, physical, and financial damage he has done to the employees of Hit network and the Bitboy Crypto community.”

The Bitboy Crypto community, which has been both supportive and critical of Armstrong in the past, is now grappling with the implications of his arrest. Many questions remain unanswered, and as the story unfolds, it is certain to have ripple effects within the cryptocurrency and influencer communities.

For now, the crypto world awaits further details from law enforcement regarding the circumstances of Ben Armstrong’s arrest and whether any formal charges will be filed. Meanwhile, the controversies surrounding his ousting from Bitboy Crypto continue to cast a shadow over his once-prominent role in the cryptocurrency industry.

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