KOL and Crypto Entrepreneur Fernando Pérez Algaba Found Dead in Gruesome Murder Case

The body of popular KOL and crypto entrepreneur, Fernando Pérez Algaba, was discovered in a state of gruesome dismemberment inside a suitcase by a group of young people near a stream in Ingeniero, Buenos Aires province, last Sunday (July 23). Authorities have launched a murder investigation, suspecting a professional hitman to be behind the heinous crime. Algaba, 41, was widely known for his lavish lifestyle derived from high-end car rentals and cryptocurrency trading, boasting a substantial following on Instagram, with over 900,000 avid followers.

Originally residing in Barcelona, Spain, Algaba had recently moved to Argentina just a week before his brutal murder. He had rented an apartment in the town and was scheduled to check out on July 19. However, he failed to show up and was unresponsive to phone calls, as revealed by the apartment owner.

According to preliminary autopsy reports, the victim suffered three gunshot wounds before being dismembered and stuffed into the suitcase. Investigators believe that financial troubles might have been the motive behind the assassination. Algaba had built his fortune from a young age, starting at 14 by repairing and reselling bicycles. By the age of 24, he became a millionaire, accumulating an impressive collection of luxury cars. However, his business ventures took a downturn in later years. Algaba had been unable to fulfill his tax obligations to the Argentine tax authorities, and his company, “Motor Lettuce SRL,” was unable to repay its debts after being established in January 2018.

In recent years, Algaba had turned to cryptocurrency trading, conducting his operations from an office in Buenos Aires. In a text message found on his phone, he expressed losing substantial amounts of money from his crypto investments. Additionally, he was suspected of having ties to criminal gangs in Argentina, accumulating a debt of $40,000.

The gruesome fate of the influencer and entrepreneur has shocked the nation and the online community. His followers on Instagram have flooded the comments section of his last post with messages of grief and disbelief. Many remember him for his opulent lifestyle, flaunting his luxury cars, lavish vacations, and exclusive parties.

Local authorities continue to investigate the murder, following leads related to Algaba’s financial woes and potential criminal associations. The police are seeking any information that might help shed light on the motive behind the brutal killing.

Fernando Pérez Algaba’s tragic demise is a stark reminder of the dangers that can befall those living in the spotlight. His online presence portrayed a life of luxury and success, but behind the glamour lay a darker reality. As the investigation unfolds, the truth surrounding his murder will hopefully come to light, providing closure to his grieving family, friends, and millions of followers.

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