Klaytn Foundation Under Fire After Insider Selling Claims Cause Klay Token to Plummet

Klaytn’s governance token, KLAY, recently experienced a significant price drop after suspicions of a large-scale sale of Klay by an insider of the Crust In-house Venture (CIC) were raised. The news came as a surprise to many as the Klaytn Foundation had just announced its strategic incineration of uncirculated Klay stock, which had caused a 40% rise in the price of Klay.

Following the announcement of Zero Reserve, the price of Klay had shown a sharp rise, offering hope to investors after the FTX crisis last year. However, the recent news of insider selling caused the price of Klay to drop dramatically, losing all the gains it had made.

The allegations of insider selling were made by Byun Chang-ho, the operator of a digital asset market information channel. He claimed that Klay coins were continuously being sold in large quantities in several accounts managed by Kracker Labs, an in-house venture created by employees of Crust.

The Klaytn Foundation has requested an explanation of the facts from Kracker Labs and is taking the situation seriously. The allegations of insider selling have led to a significant loss of trust among investors, who may be wary of investing in Klay in the future.

The incident highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in the cryptocurrency market. As the market continues to grow, it is essential for companies and ventures to be transparent in their operations to maintain investor trust.

Overall, the Klaytn Foundation will need to address the situation effectively and transparently to regain investor trust and confidence in the Klay token.

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