KILT Protocol has completed security audit with SRLabs, now in the last phase before decentralisation

KILT Protocol, a credentials for Web 3.0 has completed security audit with Security Research Labs (SRLabs), a Germany based cybersecurity consultancy and hacking research.

According to announcement on November 8, the team said the KILT Protocol now in the last phase before decentralisation, which is planned to occur mid-November to mid-December.

In order to effectively review the KILT codebase, SRLabs employed a threat model-driven code review strategy. For each identified threat, hypothetical attacks that can be used to realise the threat were developed. Prioritising by risk, the codebase or relevant pallets was assessed for existing protections against respective threats and attacks, as well as the vulnerabilities that make these attacks possible.

SRLabs to perform audits of the KILT Blockchain, The KILT Software Development Kit (SDK), and The Sporran Wallet.

Karsten Nohl, SRLabs’ founder, adds: “Every blockchain system comes with new security challenges due to the unique business logic and implementation. Starting from threat modeling enables our testers to focus attention on the most promising hacking avenues. The collaboration with BOTLabs on securing KILT Protocol worked really well.”

During the audit, SRLabs identified eight issues including two with a high severity. These two issues were found in the areas of staking and were resolved by the KILT development team with the first runtime upgrade. The remaining six issues affecting the area of KILT functionality with a severity of moderate to low were fixed by the KILT development team in a subsequent runtime upgrade, in advance of full decentralisation and the availability of the KILT functionality.

The KILT Roadmap

“We will be announcing the next milestones early this week. Stay tuned !”, Christine Mohan, vice president of business development said on Telegram.

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