Kilt Protocol announces details of SocialKYC, built on KILT

Kilt Protocol announces the launch of SocialKYC, a decentralized identity verification service that helps users regain control of their digital identities. The project shares details of how the platform works and calls on users to create their own digital identities and get the first KILT login to receive many benefits.

Kilt Protocol shares details about SocialKYC

As AZCoin News mentioned, SocialKYC is a decentralized identity verification service to regain control of your digital identity. SocialKYC will allow users to manage, store and present their personal credentials, allowing users to choose which elements of their personal information are accessed by online services.

Reportedly, SocialKYC and Sporran, the KILT wallet, are jointly built by BTE BOTLabs Trusted Entity GmbH (BTE), a subsidiary of BOTLabs GmbH, the original developer of KILT. Together, SocialKYC and Sporran allow users to manage and store their personal credentials and determine the elements of personal information they share with online services.

How SocialKYC Works

The SocialKYC approach to sensitive personal data is entirely different from Web 2.0 systems. It will forget the user’s credentials when issued by the system.

  • SocialKYC first sends the user a simple task to verify their control of a specific account (confirm your email address; Tweet this message to prove this is your account).
  • After a successful check, SocialKYC issues a credential to the user. The credential states the ownership of the specific account. The user can save the credential in their Sporran wallet, installed locally on their computer.
  • This personal data is not stored or shared by SocialKYC. It remains in the user’s Sporran wallet under their complete control.
  • Using Sporran on their local computer, users can later send their credentials to any online service that accepts the credential.

Users can also choose to publish one or more of their credentials, making them accessible to anyone. Published credentials can be unpublished by the user at any time.

How to create a digital identity and get your first KILT login

The first step is to set up Sporran, a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome that acts as a wallet for KILT logins and KILT Coins. Once done, you will get your first DID. Your digital identity will be supplemented with various logins like email, Twitter account, passport, certificate, etc., to this identifier.

Then comes the step of getting KILT credentials once Sporran has been set up. By default, these free logins are fixed on the KILT blockchain. Sporran will also offer an option to upgrade to a full-on-chain DID. This allows users to create a service endpoint such as a URL, which provides a way to make their credentials public and easier for online services to access them.

Upgrading to full DID requires a transaction fee payable in KILT (currently less than 0.01 KILT) and a deposit of 2 KILT. This deposit is designed to incentivize users to delete data from the blockchain when it is no longer needed, reducing wasted storage space. If you choose to delete the DID later, this deposit will be returned.

The full DID also allows the owner to place additional keys for purposes other than authentication, including authentication and authorization. This will allow owners to issue their credentials and create an authorization hierarchy. On-chain DID will also be useful for individuals who want to publish their credentials, use key rotation for added security, and anchor their DID on the blockchain.

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