Justin Sun (Tron) and Yi He (Binance) Weibo accounts simultaneously blocked, TRX price dropped soon after

Tron CEO Justin Sun’s Weibo account has been blocked by Chinese authorities. Binance co-founder Yi He was in the same situation.

The removal took place only about a month after Tron’s official account on the platform also “turned off”. China seems to be more aggressive in controlling cryptocurrency projects, despite the national government’s attempt to voice its support for Blockchain.

Tron CEO Justin Sun’s Weibo account is locked

One of the first to spread this information was Dovey Wan, managing director of DHVC. However, Wan is not too surprised by this news because, according to her, Tron founder has created quite a lot of mixed opinions in recent times, especially after the noisy lunch with fuss with Warren Buffet.

This is not the first time Tron has been looked at by the Chinese authorities. Last month, Tron Weibo official account was shut down, and the same thing happened to Binance the same day. All of this happens as China continues to crack down on cryptocurrency exchanges and related platforms. Even so, they have always striven to propagate Blockchain as a revolutionary technology.

The co-founder and CMO of Binance exchange, Yi He, was also inexplicably blocked Weibo account, according to Dovey Wan.

However, Matthew Graham, Sino Global Capital CEO informed that Yi He’s Weibo account access has been restored.

In regards to the characters involved, Wan emphasizes now that both Binance’s new Weibo account, and their CEO, Changpeng Zhao, are still active.

Justin Sun himself quickly responded by urging people to continue following him through Twitter. Sun stated that this would be resolved as soon as possible.

The bad news kept coming to Justin Sun

The Twitter community was not very happy with this news. Some voices came out in favor of Sun, arguing that these are just the next actions of the campaign against China’s cryptocurrency projects. Others have quickly called cryptocurrency a scam, seemingly unsurprised at the more significant censorship problem in this billion-dollar nation.

Although Sun has pledged that nothing will be affected, the TRX price will fall right after the news is released, down more than 2% from $ 0.014 to $ 0.013 within minutes of the time of writing.

Source: Trading view

Regardless of whether or not TRON is used, many are concerned about the implications of this incident for the entire decentralized monetary community. If China can censor social media simply because it doesn’t like what someone is promoting, surely any government can. It is worrisome to think that other major countries like Russia or the United States are willing to do the same.

Hopefully, the power of this technology will be able to overcome barriers, but at least for the time being, we will likely continue to see stories like this appear until the government grabbed cryptocurrencies or sought to eliminate them thoroughly.

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