Justin Sun: Tron acquires DLive unlock 33 billion TRX on new year 2020

The DLive Blockchain-based live streaming platform is the latest addition to the portfolio of Tron founder and BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun. In a notice released on Monday, BitTorrent revealed that DLive will start moving its platform from the current Lino blockchain to the Tron blockchain. Therefore, the agreement will witness the merging of the streaming platform BitTorrent, BLive into DLive. The recent acquisition went against the decision to issue 33 billion TRX in the new year.

CEO of Tron, Justin Sun, chose to be controversial and is in the limelight for bizarre stuff in 2019. Sun postponed lunch with Warren Buffet. Tron unlocked 33 billion TRX in the new year 2020. Moreover, Tron’s twitter account asked their community about input on how to use the money.

He talked about many things but in particular, the executive stated that the Foundation had no intention of selling the TRX it held. He also reminded the audience about the acquisition plan announced in 2019.

Sun promised that the program would begin after withdrawing a portion of the circulating TRX from the market, as he believed the currency was undervalued.

TRON to dump TRX worth $ 440 million

Inputs vary from investing in partnerships, refinancing, setting up a round of money burning. Locking huge coin according to TRON needs respond from the TRON community. There are community members who have objected that funds can go forward to improve Poloniex.

Some investors have felt that the TRON platform can reduce the price of TRX by $ 440 million.

DLive built on Lino blockchain testnet already has a decent user base. DLive will move to the Tron blockchain to merge with BLive, Tron’s much smaller streaming equivalent, as part of the deal. The streaming service currently has 3.5 million monthly visits. There is no clear idea of how Lemon Coin, recently added to DLive will be affected. Details of this issue are expected on January 15, 2020.

Tron intends to keep its 33 billion TRX

Answering user questions, Justin Sun said the Tron team intends to keep their original 33-bln-TRX original and will not sell any products to the market.

Selling this discount will definitely send the TRX price to the bottom of the chart. While similar to XRP, despite a lot of cooperation and technological progress made by Tron, the price of coin has not been able to rise. Unlike Ripple, however, Tron does not sell the coins it holds.

Besides, Tron plans to start the TRX acquisition program in order to reduce the amount of TRX in circulation, thus making the property more scarce. In theory, this could help push prices to the North.

Justin Sun claims that Dlive will provide better live streaming services

Justin Sun shared his plan for the newly purchased DLive streaming application. Sun also stated that it will provide better streaming services than major centralized platforms – YouTube, Periscope and Facebook.

The entrepreneur also stated that the Tron Foundation’s goal is to get more and more crypto influencers to upload their content on DLive.

The recent crypto purge on YouTube has clearly triggered this statement and the intention to bring all cryptocurrency influencers to DLive. A few days later, the video giant called the situation a mistake and apologized. However, cryptocurrency-related content producers, including leading analysts and bloggers, are currently less confident in this centralized platform.

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