Justin Sun: Steemit into the TRON ecosystem

The Tron Foundation is expanding its ecosystem with today’s announcement of a new partnership with Steemit Inc., the largest decentralized blockchain-based social media and blogging platform.

STEEM tokens will be moved to the Tron blockchain. There will also be a new accelerator program created for the community of developers.

This a major partnership for Tron that already boasts more than 800 dApps under its belt. According to announced, said by TRON:

TRON Foundation and Steemit Inc. will look to create further value for their users and to augment their advancements in decentralized technologies, including moving old STEEM token to a new TRON based STEEM token, giveaways to the existing TRX users with the new TRON based STEEM token, as well as a new accelerator program towards the developer community.

Tron was rumored to acquire Steemit back in January but it turned out that Sun hinted at a deal with blockchain-based streaming platform DLive. Notably, Steemit hosts another video sharing website called D.Tube that will now be migrating to Tron along with a slew of other dApps.

TRON isn’t the largest blockchain in crypto space

It’s no secret that Ethereum is the most widely used decentralized application platform at present. Recent reports by analysis firms like SwissBorg and others show that the number two cryptocurrency network by market capitalization still dominates the likes of TRON, EOS, and their competitors. Thanks to growing usage of an expanding network of decentralized financial (DeFi) apps hosted on Ethereum, and as reported recently by AZCoin News, the gap seems to be widening too.

Since its creation in 2016, Steemit has managed to attract more than 1.2 mln registered users. Like with other blockchain projects, decentralization is its main selling point — one can create content that will not be subjected to moderation and censorship. It also rewards content creators with STEEM tokens

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