Justin Sun rushes to create more TikTok content to pump TRX but it’s a desperate attempt

As Dogecoin (DOGE) and the TikTok story are getting hotter every minute, the cryptocurrency community has shifted their focus to Justin Sun and Tron after the speech of the marketing tycoon in the industry.

Justin Sun initiative to create TikTok content didn’t sit well with the crypto Twitter community

As AZCoin News reported, Tiktok has recently been used to incorporate some crypto pumping into its dance, lip-sync, and other talent short videos. The hashtag dogecoin on TikTok now has 4.9 million views – double that of yesterday. Hashtag DogecoinTiktokChallange has gained about 518,000 views. Meanwhile, the ‘crypto’ hashtag has 76.6 million views, while ‘Bitcoin’ has 126.7 million views. After that, the TikTok-Doge craze ceased to work – instead, more fuel was added as the large YouTubers caught up with the trend.

One of them is Keemstar (Daniel Keem), with more than 5.55 million subscribers. Keemstar tweeted “Buy dogecoin” and received both compliments and criticism that people would lose money investing in it.

According to analyst Luke Martin, the DOGE pump is the first in 2020 to grab mainstream attention, and some were wondering if they’ll need a TikTok account to follow the pump and the video creators discover dump developments, especially when more easily ‘pumpable’ coins.

Elsewhere, Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, caught up with this trend and tweeted that the Tron team would be focusing on creating more content catered to the platform’s users. He encouraged his followers to wait for their videos to go viral on the Chinese video-sharing app. Currently, Sun has 363 followers on TikTok and 2.1 million followers, but it seems that the reaction of the community is not very positive.

The reason is that many people in the community call this move a DOGE clone and desperate attempt to pump TRX. And Sun’s initiative in creating TikTok content to get a viral moment of Dogecoin is not suitable for the cryptocurrency Twitter community.

Crypto analyst and trader Josh Rager stated that the Jack Ma protege should consider creating his own dog mascot while he was at it.

Although some people say that this DOGE jump is not suitable for the industry, as well as the economy of the money, some argue that one should trade whatever the market offers and want at this time, and should not be affected by affection from any kind of property.

There are also those who’ve joked about other ways to improved TikTok creators, by having the entire cryptoverse agree on the coin they want to pump and guide the creators to it, then ending up looking like experts while also taking profit at the top.

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