Justin Sun Moves $1.85M in LINK, $200K in STORJ, $76.7K in PEPE, and $43K in DYDX from Binance

According to insights provided by Lookonchain, Jutin Sun recently withdrew considerable amounts of different cryptocurrencies from Binance. Among these transactions were 127,510 $LINK (equivalent to $1.85 million), 202,385 $STORJ ($200,000), 53.68 billion $PEPE ($76.7 thousand), and 13,904 $DYDX ($43,000). These sizable withdrawals indicate an active movement of assets within Sun’s portfolio, sparking intrigue and speculation within the crypto community.

At present, Justin Sun boasts a staggering $1.4 billion in assets across known wallets, marking him as a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency space. However, his recent profit gains, estimated at around $310 million since the commencement of December, have not been without scrutiny. Notably, a considerable portion of Sun’s assets comprises elements within his own cryptocurrency ecosystem, including TRX worth $226 million, BTT tokens worth $125 million, USDD worth $278 million, STUSDT worth $48 million, WTRX worth $38.88 million, and JST tokens worth $24 million.

Despite his substantial holdings, Sun’s overall assets, previously valued at $3.19 billion at the outset of 2022, have faced noticeable fluctuations and downturns. The volatility in the cryptocurrency market appears to have impacted Sun’s portfolio, raising questions about the resilience of even the most influential players in this volatile landscape.

Furthermore, the recent hacking incidents at Sun’s exchanges, HTX and Poloniex, added to the turbulence surrounding his crypto endeavors. These breaches resulted in the theft of a significant amount of cryptocurrency funds, casting shadows on the security measures implemented within Sun’s platforms and emphasizing the persistent vulnerability of digital asset exchanges to cyber threats.

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