Justin Sun flaunts his $1.6 billion bitcoin stash amid HTX rumors

Justin Sun, the controversial founder of TRON and global advisor of HTX, has posted a screenshot of his bitcoin holdings on X, apparently to dispel rumors that he is not a frequent user of the cryptocurrency exchange.

Sun claimed that he has about 28,614 bitcoin in his HTX account, which is equivalent to roughly $1.6 billion at the time of writing. He said that he uses almost all main exchanges and supports them, but he is especially a heavy user of HTX, where he believes and trades.

“My personal HTX account balance (just for those who are saying I’m not using HTX much),” Sun wrote on X. “Personally, I use almost all main exchanges and am a supporter of those exchanges. However, if someone says I seldom use HTX that would be inaccurate. I am a heavy user of HTX. My personal use of HTX is the same as all HTX users, believing and trading.”

Sun’s tweet came after some online comments suggested that he did not use HTX often, despite being its global advisor. HTX is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange that claims to offer high liquidity, low fees, and fast transactions. It also has its own native token, HTX, which can be used for various purposes on the platform.

Sun’s move to show off his bitcoin stash may be seen as a way to boost his credibility and influence in the crypto space, as well as to promote HTX as a reliable and trustworthy exchange. However, it may also raise some eyebrows, as Sun has been accused of fraud and securities violations by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since last year.

The SEC alleges that Sun and his associates raised over $70 million from investors in an illegal and unregistered offering of TRON tokens in 2017. The SEC also claims that Sun and his team manipulated the price of TRON tokens by spreading false information and engaging in market manipulation.

Sun has denied the allegations and said that he is cooperating with the SEC. He has also continued to launch new projects and initiatives in the crypto industry, such as BitTorrent, JustSwap, and SUN, among others.

Sun is known for his outspoken and sometimes controversial statements on social media, as well as his lavish spending and publicity stunts. He once paid $4.6 million to have lunch with Warren Buffett, but later canceled the meeting due to health issues. He also apologized to the Chinese authorities for his “over-marketing” of TRON in 2019.

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