John McAfee said his $1 million Bitcoin price prediction was just absurd humor

John McAfee – a famous Bitcoin bullish – once again laughed at his famous $ 1 million Bitcoin prediction by calling it nonsense. It is absurd that he declared this prediction. He even once said he would eat his dick on television if the Bitcoin price didn’t reach $ 1 million by 2020.

This is the trick of John McAfee about his $1 million Bitcoin price prediction

In it, McAfee explained:

“The market cap of the world’s leading cryptocurrency would surpass the GDP of North America is that was the case.”

In January 2020, McAfee suddenly turned his back on Bitcoin, his promise to eat his dick if the Bitcoin price doesn’t go to $ 1 mln by Dec. 31, 2020, was simply a ruse that was meant to attract new users.

This has made many people following him angry and dumbfounded. However, it is worth noting that McAfee confirmed that he was still standing by his call for just one month before withdrawing his promise.

And now, in his new tweet, he calls it the most crippled crypto tech.

Despite betraying the Bitcoin community, McAfee still doesn’t give up cryptocurrency. After criticizing Bitcoin, he turned to privacy coins like Monero – a cryptocurrency that allowed its users to be completely anonymous. Meanwhile, McAfee also focused on cryptocurrency GHOST – which was accused of plagiarism by PIVX developers. Specifically, as AZCoin News reported, PIVX developers said the Ghost whitepaper was plagiarized from an outdated 2018 PIVX whitepaper.

PIVX is an open-source protocol that originally forked from DASH. It plans to implement a zk-SNARKs-based privacy protocol created by Zcash (ZEC), another privacy coin, closer to its launch in Q4 2020. Ghost, on the other hand, is scheduled to take off next month – and its white paper also mentions zk-SNARKs, potentially as a result of borrowing from PIVX.

According to PIVX developers:

“At least 20 of the 26 total pages of the Ghost whitepaper contains material directly plagiarized from the 2018 PIVX whitepaper. Our starting codebase is a forked version of PIVX, although Ghost has allegedly made a lot of improvements to the code.”

PIVX argued that while GHOST products can be used as long as copyright credits are maintained in the code. The whitepaper is not open-source and was fully copyrighted in 2018.

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