Jeremy Hogan says next few months might be interesting for Ripple lawsuit, here’s why

According to some reports and attorney Jeremy Hogan, the next few months could be interesting given the ongoing Ripple-SEC lawsuit, with all the major rulings being made. Commenting on the Cryptolaw founder’s recent Twitter update, the US attorney stated this is one of the main takeaways from the current order issued by Judge Torres in the ongoing case.

Ripple lawsuit might be exciting in the following months

In a string of tweets, cryptocurrency law founder John Deaton explained the recent rulings and what this could mean for Ripple. Defense Attorney James K.Filan previously informed the XRP community of the latest ruling. Judge Torres ordered three documents to be sealed — related to Chris Larsen’s emails and legal memos and Brad Garlinghouse.

The recent ruling partially granted and denied the Ripple defendants’ movements to seal some evidence of previous movements.

Judge Torres will unseal an email to Larsen and legal memos to Ripple, finding the justification for sealing “unjustified,” but would grant redactions to Garlinghouse in three documents to preserve “potentially sensitive information” and the public release of some documents filed by both sides. Finally, Torres will provide Ripple the opportunity to respond to the SEC’s recent motion to strike the fair notice defense.

Ripple recently announced a strategic partnership with Moduler, a major payment solutions provider in the United Kingdom. Together, they plan to establish a seamless payment system for retail businesses and users in the UK and Europe.

Ripple also said it reached a $15 billion valuation after buying back shares from investors participating in its Series C round. CEO Brad Garlinghouse claims that Ripple is in its strongest financial position, despite its legal conflict with the SEC. In a recent interview, Garlinghouse predicted that Ripple could eventually go public in the future.

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