Jed McCaleb has still not resumed his XRP sales since the start of September

According to XRPScan, as of September 1, Ripple co-founder, Jed McCaleb, has not sold any XRP.


Source: XRPScan

Jed McCaleb has not resumed XRP sales

At the moment, as you can see, his “tacostand” XRP wallet still holds the same amount of XRP at the beginning of the month as 709,911,475.983699 tokens. At current exchange rates, that equates to $638,920,328.4.


Source: Bithomp

Since the last batch of Ripple Labs sent McCaleb about 174,862,720 XRP earlier this September, there have not been any transactions made from his “tacostand” address. It seems that this September, he did not sell any XRP. But in August, McCaleb sold 198.3 million tokens.

He is prohibited from selling large amounts of his XRP immediately by contract, and instead, he agrees to sell his XRP in regular small installments. It seems that, given the current XRP price situation, he has chosen not to sell. Part of it is to keep the price in the market from being dumped more, and part is to keep the profit, waiting to sell when the price rises.

Overall, Jed McCaleb sold 2.6 billion XRP in 2021. In January, he had 3.4 billion coins in his wallet. Currently, as of September 1, the “tacostand” balance is equal to 709.9 million XRP. Besides, the Ripple wallet that has been transferring XRP to Jed’s address regularly is currently empty.

Data on the web page dedicated to the regular lumps of XRP that McCaleb has been receiving from Ripple since 2013 shows that the estimated time to go before running out of his XRP for good is 236 days.



As you can see, the site splits into three selections, corresponding to McCaleb’s XRP sell-out time. The first option is not calculated. The second requires selling 4,249,828 XRP per month on average, take 166 days, equivalent to more than five months.

At the time of writing, the XRP price is changing hands at $0.94.

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