Japanese Gaming Pioneer GREE to Launch First Web3 Game on Avalanche, Targets NFT Holders

Japanese gaming pioneer GREE has recently announced that it is embracing Avalanche, the fastest and most reliable smart contracts platform in the world. With 30 million active monthly users, GREE has a long track record of working with the biggest names in Web2 gaming, including Square Enix, Sega, Konami, and Bandai Namco. The company’s push into Web3 gaming spans development, distribution, NFTs, and running 12+ Avalanche validators.

According to Takasugu Murata, representative of GREE’s new gaming studio, BLRD, Web3 has the potential to solve Web2 gaming problems to deliver better experiences for users. He also noted that blockchain technology can help solve challenges faced by Web2 games. For example, if a Web2 gaming company stops operating a game that players love, users lose out. Web3 technicals bring more user-friendly games, which is why the company is developing its first Web3 game on Avalanche.

BLRD plans to develop Japanese games that appeal to people all over the world. The company will use its experience with Web2, but will not simply convert Web2 games to Web3. It must create completely new games. While the company has not revealed much about its first Web3 game, it will attract NFT holders, and BLRD will strive to expand its player community beyond crypto enthusiasts.

BLRD will be making games on Avalanche because of its subnets, which allow for smooth gameplay. The company plans to set up its own subnet, which will allow it to deliver games with a reliable and fast experience for its players. BLRD currently runs several Avalanche validators and has received support from Ava Labs. The two companies plan to work together to make Web3 games that become worldwide hits, and Murata is happy to contribute to the expansion of Avalanche.

GREE was founded in 2004 and quickly emerged as one of Japan’s mobile internet pioneers. The company developed the world’s first mobile social game, Fishing Star, in 2007 and is now a diverse tech company innovating in the areas of mobile games, the metaverse, anime, commerce, data analytics, and manga. The company’s metaverse platform REALITY surpassed 10 million worldwide downloads this past October.

Overall, GREE’s decision to embrace Avalanche highlights the changing gaming landscape and the growing interest in Web3 gaming. With the company’s track record of success in Web2 gaming and its commitment to innovation, BLRD’s upcoming Web3 games on Avalanche are sure to make waves in the gaming community.

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