Japanese crypto exchange Bitbank Announces Listing of CHZ, APE, and GALA

Bitbank, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, announced on March 8th that it had added three new coins to its platform: ApeCoin (APE), Gala (GALA), and Chiliz (CHZ). The listings of APE and GALA marked the first time that these coins had been made available for trading on a domestic Japanese exchange.

With the addition of these three coins, Bitbank now supports a total of 27 different cryptocurrencies, making it the largest exchange in Japan in terms of the number of coins available for trading. All coins listed on the platform are supported on both the exchange and the OTC market.

APE is a project designed to support the community surrounding the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), a popular NFT collection. The token can be used for governance voting within the ApeCoin DAO, as well as for payments within the APE ecosystem and for accessing games, events, and services.

GALA is the utility token of the Gala ecosystem, which is building the world’s largest decentralized gaming platform. It can be used for trading digital goods within Gala Games and for purchasing in-game items. Holding GALA also entitles players to in-game rewards and benefits.

CHZ, on the other hand, is a project focused on fostering deeper interactions between sports clubs and their fans using cryptocurrencies. The token can be used for fan voting, purchasing merchandise, and engaging with sports teams and entertainment companies on the Chiliz platform.

Bitbank has also announced that it will soon add Oasis (OAS), a game-focused blockchain, to its platform by the end of January 2023.

The CEO of Bitbank, Noriyuki Hirosue, commented on the news, saying that providing a safe and comfortable trading environment with a variety of tradable assets is essential to the development of web3 in Japan. He emphasized that expanding the number of tradable assets is a priority for the company, not only to improve its offerings but also to eliminate the gap with foreign competitors.

The addition of these three coins demonstrates Bitbank’s commitment to providing its users with access to a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, including those that are still relatively new to the market. It also highlights the growing interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency among Japanese investors.

The listings of APE and GALA on Bitbank could also help to raise the profile of these tokens in Japan, potentially leading to increased adoption and usage in the country.

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