IZUMO has raised $12.7M in a Seed funding round co-led by Hashed and ANRI

AnotherBall, under the leadership of CEO Shunsuke Oyu, known as Captain, has announced a significant milestone. The entertainment company, dedicated to fostering “mutual understandings beyond boundaries,” has successfully secured an impressive USD$12.7 million during its recent seed funding round. This infusion of capital propels the company’s total funding to a substantial USD$14.8 million, marking a pivotal moment in its growth trajectory.

The latest funding round was spearheaded by industry leaders ANRI and Hashed, complemented by the participation of influential entities such as Global Brain, Globis Capital Partners, Sfermion, HashKey Capital, Everyrealm, Ethereal Ventures, Emoote, and several individual investors, including the esteemed Crunchyroll founder Kun Gao. The shared enthusiasm among these investors underscores the growing interest and potential in the rapidly evolving domain of virtual entertainment, aligning seamlessly with the forward-looking vision of IZUMO.

IZUMO, under the umbrella of AnotherBall, has been at the forefront of pioneering technological advancements, notably through groundbreaking projects like “Ailis” and “SAI by IZUMO.” Leveraging insights garnered from these ventures, IZUMO is actively developing a revolutionary platform empowering creators worldwide to seamlessly connect with their fanbase and monetize their content. Anticipated to debut in the first quarter of 2024, the beta version of this platform promises a transformative shift, with a full-scale public launch slated for later in the year.

CEO Captain articulated the company’s unwavering commitment to a future increasingly driven by avatars, remarking, “The world is gradually becoming more avatar-oriented, and this is part of a larger liberation of human potential.” This steadfast philosophy forms the bedrock of AnotherBall’s vision, envisioning an inevitable shift where economic activities will transpire through avatars, evident in the fervor with which children engage with avatar-centric games and content today.

Captain emphasized the pivotal role of VTubers in shaping this future, with IZUMO poised to support this burgeoning phenomenon. The company’s relentless pursuit of excellence in character development and technological innovation, epitomized through projects like Ailis and SAI, culminates in the upcoming 2024 launch. This forthcoming service aspires to encapsulate the invaluable lessons learned, fostering anticipation and excitement among enthusiasts globally.

Founded in May 2022, AnotherBall stands as a venture company spearheaded by visionary Shunsuke Oyu, accompanied by a seasoned management team comprising serial entrepreneurs with notable ventures like “mamari” and the multinational VTuber agency “PRISM Project.” The company’s primary focus on IZUMO embodies a groundbreaking VTuber initiative, encapsulating the ethos of “Live as you want to be.”

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