Israeli resident Afek Zard will spend the next 08 years behind bars for stealing 75,000 DASH

An indictment has been filed against the 27-year-old Israeli Afek Zard over the alleged theft of 74.990.74 DASH (nearly $7 million) from his roommate. Zard will spend the next 8 years of his life in prison.


Afek Zard – an Israeli resident

Man accused of stealing nearly $7 million worth of Dash indicted in Israel

The Be’er Sheva District Court sentenced Afek Zard to 8 years in prison for embezzling 75,000 DASH worth around $6.8 million from his friend. In addition to the prison time, the man will pay a fine of $1.5 million and compensate the victim $ 80,000.

The reported victim, Alexei Yaromenko, was reportedly an early cryptocurrency investor who has accumulated crypto assets since 2013. Yarmolenko reportedly taught Zard about cryptocurrencies and trading them himself before the theft allegedly took place. Per the indictment document filed by attorney Giora Hazan, Zard owned a key to Yaromenko’s apartment and had access to the residence in Yaromenko’s absence.

Unfortunately for the victim, the criminal took advantage of that friendship and one day hacked his computer and stole the details of his wallet that included 75,000 DASH. The prosecutors claim that the defendant used the alleged victim’s computer to steal the credentials to the crypto wallets.

Following the investigation, Zard denied all charges against him and refused to provide his own computer and mobile phone passwords. Therefore, the police investigation was not able to confiscate the stolen property.

Even so, Judge Yoel Eden ruled that Zard’s testimony was unreliable and that he was indeed guilty. The court convicted him of several crimes such as hacking into computer material, money laundering, fraud under the Income Tax Ordinance, and aggravated theft.

The prosecution asked Zard for at least 12 years in prison as it was a felony involving a new currency. “Although this is a new platform on which the offense was committed, the damage caused to the compliant is ‘normal and old’ damage, just as it would have been if the defendant had entered the compliant’s house and stolen many tens of millions of shekels,” his lawyer – Giora Hazan – managed to reduce the sentence to eight years stated.

A similar story happened recently the Italian police blocked the illegal activity of local fraudsters (32 Telegram groups) who offered fake Green Passes on Telegram in exchange for cryptocurrency. Scammers offered fake COVID-19 health passes to people who wanted to bypass the law and get the certificates in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

The so-called Green Pass allows Italians who have already received at least one coronavirus vaccine shot, have recently recovered from the virus, or have tested negative to go to cinemas, gyms, museums, restaurants, etc. The criminals did not have a fixed price for the illicit service, but one could buy it for up to 500 euros or $588. Still, the Italian officials did not disclose what type of digital assets the scammers accepted.

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