Iron Fish to Launch Mainnet on March 14, Airdrop 940,000 Tokens to Testnet Participants

Iron Fish, a privacy-focused blockchain network, has announced that it will launch its mainnet on March 14. The platform has successfully completed three phases of its incentivized testnet, which saw over 60,000 concurrent nodes and more than 390,000 user-minted assets processed. Iron Fish has closed a $27.6 million funding round led by A16z in 2021.

The launch of the mainnet will bring a range of new functionalities to the platform, including burning, trading, mining, and hosting nodes. As a reward for their participation, Iron Fish will airdrop 940,000 tokens to testnet participants. Testnet participants can apply for the airdrop through a Redemptions Portal that will be rolled out soon.

To ensure the eligibility of participants, Iron Fish is implementing a Know Your Customer (KYC) process that will be managed by Jumio, a trusted provider of KYC services. Every testnet reward recipient must complete the KYC process, and tokens are limited to one redemption per user. Iron Fish is a US company and must abide by US sanctions, requiring them to KYC every testnet participant.

The mainnet launch event will see 105,000 tokens distributed to those who have submitted pull requests by March 13. The remaining tokens will be distributed according to a schedule that corresponds to the three phases of the incentivized testnet. Participants who pass KYC by March 19 will receive allocations for both phases in which they participated.

Iron Fish’s mainnet launch is an exciting development in the blockchain space, especially for those interested in privacy-focused networks. The platform’s success in its incentivized testnet shows promising potential, and the airdrop of tokens is an excellent incentive for those interested in trying out the mainnet. As the platform continues to develop, it will be interesting to see how it compares to other privacy-focused blockchain networks.

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