IOHK, the corporate behind the Cardano, is within the closing phases of securing an enormous authorities contract in Africa

According to current information, the company behind Blockchain Cardano, IOHK, is within the closing phase of securing an enormous authorities contract in Africa. John O’Connor, the director of African Operations at IOHK, said IOHK’s mission is to create thousands of thousands of additional customers joining Cardano for real-world blockchain deployments.

IOHK getting ready to secure a large Cardano authorities contract in Africa

Africa has long been seen as the next broad frontier for blockchain. As a result, some companies have been spending money to attract new customers and new capital from this country. IOHK, the company behind Cardano, is one of the few companies actively working in Africa.

Charles Hoskinson, founder, and CEO of IOHK has been frank about Africa’s potential for blockchain adoption. He argues that his company has been involved in various initiatives aimed only at the continent. And while no specific information came from Hoskinson and IOHK, the most recent report has proven that regardless of IOHK entering Africa, it’s at the end of growth.

In an interview with Proof of Africa, John O’Connor, Director of Africa Operations at IOHK, revealed that there is a real-world blockchain solution being built on Cardano specifically designed for launch in Africa.

He stated:

“What I can say is that we’re on the closing phases of a big authorities contract that may have multimillion customers being onboarded onto the platform for real-world blockchain implementation.”

While O’Connor lives in Ethiopia, he mentioned that IOHK’s mission will pay attention to Africa’s various international locations appropriately. IOHK’s international focus locations include South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. Another 15 are likely to be added to the checklist soon, he revealed.

The company’s work in Tanzania will give every consumer of the country’s telecom provider a digital id and join the ADA cost community on Cardano. Concerning South Africa, O’Connor mentions that IOHK has been involved in an insurance-related attention grab mission.

It is evident so far that all of the initiatives that IOHK is taking in Africa will likely be based primarily on Atala PRISM, the company’s ID solution.

He concluded:

“We now have fairly cheap plans to onboard 100 million customers on this id platform inside the subsequent yr or two. This may appear formidable, however truly, the size of the African continent implies that it’s fairly lifelike.”

He mentioned all the processes required to kick-start the Africa mystery have to be done in early February, including that the staff at IOHK will be the ones to make the information public. Based on O’Connor, the implementation has the potential to become the largest real-world blockchain implementation on the planet.

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