Investment loss, fraudsters set up a scheme to steal 168 BTC, plan to kidnap for another 1,000 BTC

When Bitcoin boomed in 2017-2018, a group of investors became rich. However, that was also when many scam projects emerged, such as Aureus, Ifans,… scamming their BTC profits. This heartbreaking incident happened in Vietnam when a group of investors staged a robbery of $1.5 million worth of Bitcoin (168 BTC) for engaging in crypto trading with a businessman but then had a conflict.

The leader of the BTC robbery is a policeman…

According to the suspects’ testimony, in 2018, after a long time of investing in Bitcoin, two subjects named Tai and Tran Ngoc Hoang (38 years old) sold all their BTC, obtained $1.5 million, and used this profit to buy emerging cryptocurrencies like Aureus, Ifans… but lost all.


Some suspects in the BTC robbery

After that, these two people thought that the fault was due to Mr. Le’s instructions, so they together planned to reclaim the lost 1,000 Bitcoin. Unable to find him, Tai hired private detective Mai Xuan Phot to search for him. In addition, Tai also invited Trinh Tuan Anh (36 years old, with cryptocurrency business) to reclaim Mr. Le’s money, promising to divide 30% of the recovered Bitcoin.

After using many illegal high-tech devices, monitoring and controlling the entire schedule of Mr. Le’s family, they discussed the scene of a car collision and arrested him for taking over the phone with crypto accounts. Then, on May 12, 2020, they drove their car into Le’s car and got into a fight, asking the driver to come down to solve it. Fortunately, this time Mr. Le escaped.

Then, another suspect, a policeman named Nguyen Quoc Dung, was determined to have planned for his accomplices to pretend to hit the businessman’s car and then attack and rob BTC.

Mr. Le and his brother-in-law got out of the car, were immediately attacked by this group of people who pulled out a gun (shot the ball) and controlled it; the rest forced Mr. Le’s wife and children into another car, threatened with a needle containing “HIV blood.” imitation in red ink). They forced Mr. Le to read the password to access the e-wallet or “inject HIV blood into his wife and children.”

Going back to Ho Chi Minh City for more than two hours, the group continued to beat, forcing Le to call his brother and transfer another 1,000 Bitcoins to them. While talking, Le shouted, causing his brother at home to be suspicious and not transfer money.

On November 23, the behavior of 16 suspects was mentioned by the court in the indictment for robbery with a penalty of 18-20 years or life imprisonment.

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