IntoTheBlock Requests Grant from Radiant DAO to Build Risk Management Tools

IntoTheBlock (ITB), the largest crypto market intelligence provider, has requested a grant from Radiant DAO to build risk management tools for Radiant and its community. ITB aims to create a risk dashboard hosted on its recently-launched Risk Radar platform, which will offer open access to Radiant team members and users to monitor custom-built risk indicators.

The dashboard will include charts, graphics, and documentation, and users will also be able to download CSV files for all metrics. Additionally, Radiant DAO core contributors will be able to access the data for these indicators near real-time via API.

ITB’s expertise lies in DeFi, and it has been heavily involved in the sector for the past two years. ITB’s DeFi Insights analytics and Institutional Quantitative Strategies (ITB Quant) service act as a gateway for the largest crypto institutions to access DeFi yields via sophisticated quantitative strategies with appropriate risk management models.

The goal of the Risk Radar platform is to help protocols and their users transparently monitor the health of the lending protocol and make proactive decisions about the economic risk conditions in DeFi protocols. The specific goal ITB aims to achieve for the Radiant grant proposal is to build a risk dashboard that monitors economic factors that can have an impact on Radiant users and the protocol at large.

Economic risks are present for users when managing their positions on a protocol, and ITB’s Risk Radar can help Radiant and its community by providing an additional risk management tool that monitors these economic risks. The cost for the proposed Radiant ITB Risk Radar product is estimated to be within the range of $60k to $85k, covering developer and infrastructure costs.

ITB believes that its tools would allow Radiant’s community to track economic risks that can affect the protocol and help substantially reduce risk exposure. The aim is to have the Radiant ITB Risk Radar product available with the proposed indicators soon after the launch of Radiant V2. With the imminent launch of Radiant V2 and the new assets that will be onboarded when expanding to new blockchains, the Risk Radar can boost institutional and individual investors’ confidence in the economic security of Radiant.

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