Internet Computer (ICP) Identified as Potential Next Step towards Mass Adoption: Santiment

Santiment, a leading provider of blockchain data and insights, has reported that the Internet Computer on blockchain could be the next step towards mass adoption. Despite being currently ranked 41st, the constant work of developers is noteworthy, with 81 useful solutions already in place.

Internet Computer, also known as ICP, has made significant progress in terms of partnerships, with iRLC already on board. Furthermore, the team has promised something and is trying to keep to the term. ICP offers solutions such as DFI NFT wallets, creating and trading identities using LEDGER as a U2F key, and has generated a lot of buzz on social media platforms like Twitter with 633 thousand followers.

However, despite these promising developments, the ICP coin itself appears dormant and without vigor. Although it has grown by 120% since the New Year and seems to have hit a bottom, it does not necessarily mean anything as it is not difficult to find such assets. Moreover, the lack of marketing and a high place for MC are concerning.

The Internet Computer in the cloud attracts extraordinary activity from programmers, but it does not look particularly attractive for trading. From its ATH, the declines have stopped at around $4. Fundamentally, it enjoys usability, and the coin is traded in 72 pairs on the largest exchanges.

Overall, while the Internet Computer on blockchain offers significant potential for mass adoption and has made considerable progress in terms of partnerships and useful solutions, it still faces challenges in terms of its coin’s trading activity and marketing efforts. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how the ICP team addresses these challenges moving forward.

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