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One of the main hindrances or limitation that the world of cryptocurrency has faced ever since its inception is the lack of inter-operability between different cryptocurrencies. This is one thing which has been the reason why cryptocurrencies have not managed to become a common mode of transaction on a wider scale. User have to go through trading exchanges in order to exchange cryptocurrencies, which at times can be a very bothering experience.

From an overall perspective, trading exchanges have been facing some trouble in the past few months. Renowned trading exchanges like Binance became a target of cyber-attack, or in some cases went insolvent like Bitgrail owing to unauthorized transactions which leaked the cryptocurrencies away from the exchange’s platform. Trading exchanges have been raising many eyes in the cryptocurrency space, as their popularity constantly declines.

The cryptocurrency community at large is waiting for the implementation of atomic swap technology where users will be allowed to exchange between cryptocurrencies atomically, without going into any hassle. One alternative solution that has lived up to its hype is exchange. is a platform which allows its users to instantly exchange cryptocurrencies directly from their wallets without having to register their accounts on any trading exchange or third-party service. is unique solution that has been around in the cryptocurrency space for quite some time. It can be thought of as an alternative to centralized cryptocurrency trading exchanges. is based on an account-less model, and their trading exchange is operated privately. Users do not have to directly interact with the private trading exchange, all they need to do is to interact with a simple GUI, enter details of the cryptocurrency exchange and their wallet address, and voila! The cryptocurrencies have been exchanged.

Privacy has been at the core of’s vision and development. The platform is one of the most privacy-centric options available today. The whole process does not require any single email address or any other registration credentials. As a matter of fact, “simple, fast and private. No registration” is the tagline you see when you land on’s application page. is one of the most popular options among users who are looking for fixed-rate exchanges.

The exchange process that a user encounters while being on’s platform is one of the easiest around. shows some deals to the user. The user just has to click on the deal which suits him the best, and provide their wallet address. As soon as the user clicks on the deal, the exchange rate is locked in for a few minutes. The user then has to send their cryptocurrency tokens to’s assigned address. Once the address receives your tokens, the exchanged tokens are sent directly to your wallet address. Of course, it requires some trust to be shown at the user end, but’s platform has been around for some time and enjoy good popularity.

At the moment, supports the instant exchange of as much as 30 different cryptocurrencies. Options include BTC, DASH, LTC, ETH, MKR, PAX, REN, ADA, BAT and others. The available options form a pretty decent collection of cryptocurrencies, and gives a competitive edge among other instant swap sites. As far as the transaction fee is concerned, it is a little higher than the traditional cryptocurrency exchange sites. has not stated any explicit figure as their fee charges but their whitepaper suggests financial modelling of around 0.5-2%. But keeping the level of privacy that offers, it is only obvious that one pays for their privacy. has gained some unparalleled popularity in the past few months. The platform is constantly trading a monthly volume of above 400 BTC. Sure, the figures are unimpressive as compared to any renowned cryptocurrency trading exchange, but has just started. The popularity of the platform, along with the user-base around it will grow in the coming days, especially when the crypto-community will be looking for quick exchange options.

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