In 5 days, JustSwap has handled over $20 million in trade volume

After launching on August 18, JustSwap has recorded an impressive trading volume of $ 10 million. However, it was later discovered by the team that a number of people were attempting to list fake tokens on JustSwap. Hence, JustSwap has implemented a whitelist process to remove fake tokens on the platform.

JustSwap success is due to Justin Sun’s commitment to the development of DeFi

By the second day after the issue date, JustSwap had processed 33,169 transactions. Justin Sun was quick to point out that such numbers meant JustSwap was not officially ranked No. 2 with Uniswap taking the top spot. He made these comments via Twitter and provided an image for comparison purposes.

JustSwap has reached a trading volume of $ 20 million since its launch on August 18. JustSwap’s team released the announcement earlier today via the following Tweet.

JustSwap’s success in such a short period of time was based on Justin Sun’s commitment to bring out the best in DeFi. Sun believes that DeFi projects on the Tron network will create a revolution in decentralized finance.

He expressed this vision through a recent letter to community members Tron and Just (JST), which outlined the following:

“We’ve accomplished in a dozen hours what Uniswap took a dozen months to achieve. It is no mean feat for a newly-launched AMM DeFi product. Moreover, the TRON-powered JustSwap offers far better trading experience than Uniswap. Users who have tried it out last night would agree with that.”

He stated:

“TRON and Just team are going All-In on the DeFi ecosystem. We will not back down until we see the decentralized financial revolution end in triumph. I have faith that as long as we race against time and keep upgrading our products, JustSwap will one day become the powerhouse of 100x cryptos and TRON will build a DeFi protocol that parallels Ethereum’s.”

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