If Ripple Wins SEC Lawsuit, How Much Could XRP Price Surge?

XRP, the digital currency created by Ripple Labs, has been hovering around the $0.47 mark after reaching its highest level of the year at $0.57 last month. XRP’s price increased after Bitcoin and Ethereum rose to over $30,000 and $1,900, respectively.

However, XRP has started to decline in indicators as investors began to sell off and take profits this week. XRP has dropped nearly 12% in the past seven days after delivering outstanding performance for nearly two weeks.

The price of XRP is still being tightly constrained by the ongoing legal dispute between Ripple Labs and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The question is if Ripple wins the SEC lawsuit, how high can the price go?

This is the level that XRP can reach if Ripple wins the SEC lawsuit

The financial experts at Finder have made two price predictions for XRP. One is how high it can go if Ripple wins the SEC lawsuit, and the second scenario is how low it can drop if Ripple loses.

According to Finder’s prediction, XRP could reach $3.81 by December 2025 if Ripple wins the SEC lawsuit. This is an increase of nearly 12% compared to the current all-time high of $3.4.

“Cryptocurrency markets love to jump into a group, and if XRP wins the SEC lawsuit, it would be a true market explosion in the cryptocurrency market. We can see the herd mentality pumping up XRP prices to an all-time high,” Finder’s prediction said.

However, Finder also predicted what could happen if Ripple loses the SEC lawsuit. According to the price prediction, XRP may not surpass the $1 mark and could only fluctuate below $0.98 in 2025. This is an increase of nearly 100% compared to the current price of $0.47.

“If Ripple loses, which is an outcome nobody wants, XRP will be negatively impacted and uncertainty may prompt global investors to sell off this digital currency,” according to Finder.

Finder also suggests that if Ripple loses the SEC lawsuit, it could affect the general sentiment of the market that “other cryptocurrency companies will be targeted by the SEC.”

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