Huobi Exchange Rebrands as HTX in a Global Branding Move

In a surprising announcement made on September 13th, Huobi Exchange revealed its official rebranding as “HTX,” marking a new global identity for the popular cryptocurrency exchange. As of the time of writing, the project has updated its branding across various social media channels, including Twitter and Telegram. The new name, “HTX,” carries multiple layers of meaning, each reflecting the exchange’s evolving identity.

The new brand, “HTX,” carries a wealth of symbolism. The “H” in HTX continues to pay homage to the exchange’s illustrious legacy as Huobi. The “T” takes on the mantle of TRON, signifying a resolute commitment to an unbreakable alliance with the TRON network. The “X,” crucially, represents the very essence of the exchange, boldly encapsulating its core function. Delving deeper, the combination of “HT” underscores the presence of the platform’s native token, aptly named “HT,” while the “X” takes on the powerful role of symbolizing the exchange itself. In essence, “HTX” represents an exchange intrinsically linked to its native token, “HT.”

The intrigue deepens as the “X” also holds significance as the Roman numeral for 10. This serves as a poignant tribute to HTX’s storied journey, celebrating its remarkable 10th anniversary. With this rebranding, a new chapter is being written, one that promises synergy between HTX, TRON, and Poloniex, buoyed by an infectious slogan – “HTX, Just Trade It.”

HTX’s rebranding is not merely cosmetic; it comes with a profound shift in mission and vision. The platform now aspires to create a metaverse free port, driven by a bold vision of achieving financial liberation for the world’s 8 billion inhabitants. HTX’s strategy for the future is underpinned by four pillars: “global expansion, thriving ecosystem, wealth effect, and security and compliance.”

With eyes set on global horizons, HTX is poised to explore promising markets across diverse countries and regions while meticulously safeguarding its growth trajectory. The commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving crypto landscape is unwavering. HTX is committed to delivering professional services and an extensive product lineup to users worldwide, with offerings like PrimeVote, Flexi Max, Shark Fin, and more. Collaboration is a cornerstone of HTX’s strategy, with plans to partner strategically with public chains such as TRON, cross-chain protocols like the BitTorrent Chain, and stablecoin projects like TrueUSD. Through these partnerships, HTX seeks to foster a vibrant multi-dimensional business ecosystem.

HTX is also opening its doors to the global community to influence its asset listing strategy, empowering users to have a say in the assets they wish to see listed on the platform. The rebranding signals a fresh phase in HTX’s asset listing approach, focusing on quality, popularity, and new trends. The exchange plans to introduce stellar projects with proven volume and popularity while deepening collaborations with mainstream ecosystems, including public chains, Layer 2 solutions, and meme coins.

In an era where decentralization is paramount, HTX is committed to enhancing asset security and reducing centralized trading risks. The introduction of a decentralized custody system, backed by round-the-clock customer service, will globalize user assets and ensure operational continuity regardless of changing regional policies.

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