Huge News For Bitcoin, Polygon and NFTs, Updated By Lark Davis

People are not very much exciting the price action-wise happening for the cryptocurrency markets.

But Lark Davis, a famous Youtuber, and entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency, has found some news that shows huge news about the use cases of Bitcoin, Polygon, and NFTs, which can improve the crypto’s position in the market and may change the price action of these projects.

Bitcoin (BTC) News

Mortgage lender Milo to let bitcoin holders buy real estate with no dollar, down deposits. What they’re letting you do is to bring in your Bitcoin to use. Your Bitcoin can be used as collateral without having to sell it.

When we start having the ability to use crypto, to buy, or to use as collateral on a much broader sense for properties, it’s going to be freaking massive obviously.

Intel, the chipmaker, is set to reveal an energy-efficient Bitcoin mining chip. It’s an ultra-low voltage Bitcoin mining chip, which is obviously a good thing because we want to see less power being used by the Bitcoin mining industry.

Polygon (MATIC) News

Let’s move on to Polygon (MATIC) news: Polygon has activated EIP1559. This upgrade is estimated to burn 0.27 of the total MATIC supply every year, not a massive amount by any means but it’s still burning.

The supply of MATIC will slowly trend down as the adoption rates of Polygon pick up we might see the estimated 0.27% go up to 0.5% or maybe 1% of the total supply every year.

We have TVL in DeFi and daily active user addresses are very high, with total daily transactions like 3 million. This is a positive development a positive upgrade for the future of Polygon and the future price potential of the MATIC asset.

NFT News

The last news is about NFTs. NFT platform OpenSea hit a record 3.5 billion dollar monthly volume. OpenSea passing one million active user wallets. Users can buy and sell those NFTs without having to pay absurd fees in gas.

Coinbase NFT marketplace is going to support MasterCard payments. They are trying to make NFTs go even more mainstream by reducing friction. People will just need to come in and swipe their credit cards. There is massive adoption of NFTs happening this decade.

Animoca Brands has led an $8 million funding round for the NFT platform built on Solana called Burnt Finance.

We’ll see a lot of other great collections coming out and we’re starting to see a lot of platforms launching to try and cater to the growing nft market on Solana. You can now go over to Burnt Finance and buy and sell NFTs on their platform.

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