How to reduce losses at cryptocurrency trading

When it comes to trading, you need three things: patience, diligence, and discipline. However, the reality is that very few people have all of these qualities at once. That’s why you must ensure that before you take a step into cryptocurrency trading, you know what losses are likely to happen.

The three losses in question are:

  1. Undercapitalisation Losses
  2. Opportunity Losses
  3. Sunk Costs Losses


Undercapitalisation loss means that you can lose money fast if your account balance isn’t large enough. It is because without enough capital in your account to trade with, you’re forced to use high-risk systems such as leverage or margin trading. Undercapitalisation Losses are the easiest to spot, even with just a little bit of experience in crypto trading. If you have too little capital for what you are doing, then it’s likely that you won’t be able to make any meaningful profits while not losing much money at all.

It means that you will never grow your account balance and get caught undercapitalised if something happens like a sudden downturn in prices across the board. Undercapitalisation Losses are where things can start going wrong very quickly. It often occurs with a small account balance or a new market that enough people haven’t explored to stabilise prices. The critical thing here is to not over-leverage yourself, as this will only amplify your losses, causing them to grow much faster than they usually would do at first glance.

Opportunity losses

Opportunity Losses are the most common when you don’t have the proper market knowledge. Without this, you will struggle to put your money into a winning position at the right time and then struggle even more when trying to get it back out again. All of this can lead to a series of small losses that add up in size over time if you’re not careful enough about them.

Opportunity Losses come from the fact that markets fluctuate quickly, and cryptocurrency prices can change in minutes instead of hours or days like other markets. It means that you need to understand the type of trader you are and how quickly you can spot new trends before they happen. If you fall behind on this front, your profit margin will be minimal because someone else who got in early enough has already taken them. Opportunity Losses mean taking your eye off the ball and missing out on significant price movements that go up or down suddenly while you’re browsing other things online or watching Netflix instead of monitoring markets constantly.

Sunk Costs

Sunk Costs is basically what it says on the tin. These are costs that already happened in terms of buying a cryptocurrency or tokens in an ICO. You cannot recover them anymore because they’re lost for good now. The key thing with sunk costs is that you need discipline not to throw more money after bad money just because it’s already lost. You need to take a step back and analyse the bigger picture because it’s not always obvious when there is still hope of recovery, which you should hold onto if possible before giving up on something.

Sunk Costs Losses aren’t apparent at first glance when trading cryptocurrency, unlike other more traditional markets. But sunk costs are mistakes that have happened already, so there’s nothing left to do but move on from them now, even if they cost a lot of money in the process. It’s easy for people not involved with trading to think, “oh well, I’ve lost this much money already, might as well keep going”, but this is a terrible mentality to have when trading cryptocurrency.

To summarise

Although crypto trading presents challenges you won’t be facing in more traditional trading, it does present the opportunity to build a successful portfolio. Always remain patient, diligent, and informed when trading crypto. Know the markets intimately, and never spend money that you can’t afford to lose. These trade tips will help you to make money without thinking about  money.

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