How To Keep Making Big Gains In Crypto Bear Market, Says Top Strategist Lark Davis

In the recent video, top crypto strategist Lark Davis reveals his tips to keep making big gains during the bearish market.

“The market is looking super rough right now, but that does not mean that there are no opportunities and that there is no money to be made”.

Yield Farming

“Yield Farming has become mega-popular in the last year”.

According to Davis, this trend of farming coins using the existing assets remains mega-hot even with the general market turbulence. The farms range from nice “safe” options like Aave on Polygon to mega degenerate farms where users can earn thousands of percent a year.

“I prefer low-risk options. Defi Dad has covered many great farming options in the last few months”, says the analyst.


Next on the list is lending, a technique that has been popular since 2019. As Davis suggests, platforms like Blockfi and Celsius have made making passive on crypto “stupidly easy”.

“Just deposit your funds and let the passive income roll in. While you can use most major crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum to lend, you can also use stablecoins to make a dollar-denominated passive income which totally beats anything you can get in traditional finance”.


“Stacking is a tricky topic in a down market because essentially you are just getting more of a coin which can continue to dump in price longer than you can maintain your conviction”, says Davis.

The analyst adds that if traders are long-term on a coin like PolkaDot then this is a way to accumulate more for that next bull cycle.

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