How To Get Up To $5K Worth Of Free LAVA Tokens

In a groundbreaking move within the blockchain space, Celestia has invested a substantial $15 million in Lava Network (LAVA), signaling a significant step forward for the modular blockchain network. Lava Network has also confirmed an airdrop for testnet users in the first quarter of 2024, promising a lucrative opportunity for participants.

Airdrop Details

Lava Network’s airdrop for testnet users boasts impressive incentives – airdrop participants can expect rewards totaling $5,000 or more. The process is designed to be quick, cost-free, and achievable in just five minutes.

Introduction to Lava Network

Lava is a modular blockchain network focused on providing data access through remote procedure calls (RPCs) and indexing. In web3, application developers need to make RPC requests to send and retrieve blockchain data, while indexing helps them get specific data from a blockchain network. The recent investment of $15 million in seed funding came from prominent backers, including Celestia (TIA), Jump Capital, HashKey Capital, and others.

Magma Campaign Unveiled

In conjunction with the investment announcement, Lava Network has launched the “Magma” campaign. This initiative introduces a points system, allowing participants to accumulate points for various activities. These points can later be redeemed for LAVA tokens following the mainnet launch, anticipated in the coming months.

Step-by-Step Guide for Participation

Lava Network has enlisted the help of AZCoin News, to guide interested users through the airdrop participation process. The step-by-step guide, complete with instructional videos.

1️⃣ Adding Ethereum RPC:

2️⃣ Creating a Lava Account:

  • Visit http://points.lavanet.xyz
  • Click on “Join Now”
  • Enter the invite code: WTAZM
  • Connect your wallet, Discord, and Twitter
  • Click on “Go to profile”

3️⃣ Changing Ethereum RPC:

  • Visit http://points.lavanet.xyz/profile
  • Select $ETH
  • Copy Mainnet URL
  • Open your MetaMask wallet
  • Open Settings
  • Click on “Networks”
  • Choose a custom Ethereum chain
  • Paste Lava RPC
  • Click on “Save”

4️⃣ Creating a Keplr Wallet:

5️⃣ Add Lava chain:

➣ Go to http://docs.lavanet.xyz/wallet/#keplr
➣ Click on “Add Lava to Keplr”
➣ Click on “Approve”
➣ Click on “Menu”
➣ Select “Manage Chain Visibility”
➣ Search for “Lava”
➣ Click on “Save”

6️⃣ Faucet testnet tokens:

➣ Go to http://docs.lavanet.xyz/faucet/#discord-faucet
➣ Click on “Discord Faucet”
➣ Accept the invite
➣ Go to the “faucet” channel
➣ Open your Keplr wallet
➣ Copy your Lava address
➣ Enter “$request”
➣ Paste your Lava address

7️⃣ Create an account in Lava Explorer:

➣ Go to http://explorer.kjnodes.com/lava-testnet
➣ Connect your wallet
➣ Choose Keplr wallet
➣ Enter an account name
➣ Click on “Next”
➣ Click on “Save”

8️⃣ Delegate testnet tokens:

➣ Go to http://explorer.kjnodes.com/lava-testnet/staking
➣ Choose any validator
➣ Click on “Delegate”
➣ Enter the amount of $LAVA
➣ Click on “Advanced”
➣ Increase the fee
➣ Click on “Send”

9️⃣ Withdraw Rewards:

➣ Go to https://explorer.kjnodes.com/lava-testnet
➣ Click on “Withdraw Rewards”
➣ Click on “Advanced”
➣ Increase the fee
➣ Click on “Send”

1️⃣0️⃣ Transfer testnet tokens:

➣ Go to https://explorer.kjnodes.com/lava-testnet
➣ Copy your Lava address
➣ Enter the amount of $LAVA
➣ Increase the fee
➣ Click on “Send”


With Celestia’s substantial investment, Lava Network’s airdrop for testnet users, and the launch of the “Magma” campaign, the blockchain community is abuzz with excitement. Lava Network’s innovative approach and user-friendly participation process are poised to attract a broad audience, making it a project to watch in the evolving crypto landscape. As the mainnet launch approaches, participants are eager to see how their accumulated points will translate into tangible rewards in the form of LAVA tokens.

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