How to Get Rich By Fantom (FTM)? Answered By Crypto Love

Fantom ecosystem is taking off this year with staking, wallet, DeFi, and dApps!!!!! On the latest video, Crypto Love, a well-known Youtube Channel focused on cryptocurrency, has made an FTM price prediction, and revealed how to get rich buying Fantom!!!

What is Fantom (FTM)?

Fantom (FTM) is a fast high throughput open-source, smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps. They have a whole bunch of technology with a fast scalable, secure platform for digital assets.

Fantom Utilities

Users can stake on Fantom. They have their consensus and the Opera Chain which is their mainnet with staking and EVM support.

They also have their bridge, wallet, partnerships, and integrations with projects. Users can do stuff on-chain. It’s really fast with their Asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerance (ABFT) consensus protocol. Not only that, users can get almost instant transfers with secure, scalable and it’s Ethereum compatible.

The ecosystem already there’s 80 plus dApps already on Fantom.

We have cross-chain bridges to lend, borrow, and yield optimizers NFT platforms. Tools and wallets to use solidity.

Every Ethereum developer can quickly develop on Fantom. It’s also EVM compatible, so if you have an Ethereum project already, it’s now compatible with Fantom.

FTM had over 10 billion in TVL on-chain. Fantom could be one of the most undervalued projects.

FTM Price Analysis

FTM is ranked 26th on 524,000 watch lists. It’s trading at $2.91 at press time. It just had an ATH not too long ago of $3.3. The price has started to come down just a little bit from there but the market cap right now is 7.4 billion dollars.

FTM had a support line from July of 2021, it had bounced off there in July, August, and December. We have an inverse head and shoulders forming.

This inverse head and shoulders prove to be correct. We could expect the length of the head off of the top. That could be pushing us to roughly $5.2 of FTM, especially if it breaks through $3.36 and rise above.

FTM Chart | Source: TradingView

FTM Chart | Source: Youtube

How much can you earn with $1,000?

If you were to invest $1,000, you’ll be able to buy 348 FTM, it has the same TVL as Solana, so it would be reasonable for it to reach the same levels. If it did that, we would have a market cap of $52 billion and the market cap right now is just over 7 billion so if that were to happen, you would 7x your investment. You would 7 extra investments. So from $1,000, you can earn up to $7,098.

Fantom is an extremely fast blockchain, therefore, its growing speed is also extraordinary.

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