How to buy and sell Bitcoin in Iran?

If you are looking to buy Bitcoin in Iran, you may encounter problems when detecting a ban on buying and selling cryptocurrency in this country. Iranian Government Iran declares that it will not recognize any trading activity conducted inside Iranian territory regarding cryptocurrencies. Nor will they consider these cryptocurrencies legal, and the Central Bank of Iran will not guarantee their value.

Many exchanges in Iran do not allow Bitcoin to be purchased with Visa according to complex regulations and government approvals in their region. However, there are still some websites that help you buy Bitcoin with Visa. And here are some ways to buy Bitcoin in Iran that AZCoin News has learned!

Buy Bitcoin in Iran through P2P platform LocalBitcoins

The most popular P2P platform is LocalBitcoins. It serves as a local billboard for everyone who wants to buy and sell Bitcoin. When you register on the platform, you post an ad or search for local people/organizations that want to buy or sell Bitcoin through your preferred methods and at your preferred price. When you find a suitable buyer/seller, you agree to the terms of the transaction (bank transfer, Paypal, face-to-face meeting, cash, etc.). Note that not every seller is trustworthy, so be sure to check their history and reviews first.


Source: LocalBitcoins 

You can find the place to buy Bitcoin in Iran on LocalBitcoins here.

Buy Bitcoin with visa in Iran with is a high-quality company based in London, England. They are one of the few exchanges that support buying Bitcoin with Visa. This is the only service that offers Bitcoin purchase with Visa and is certified by both MSB Licensing and the UK’s financial regulator. At the same time, they are the safest option possible for your Bitcoin purchase.


Advantages of buying Bitcoin in Iran on

  • There is an integrated wallet for storing Bitcoin and six other cryptocurrencies.
  • There is an on-site cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to trade and sell your Bitcoin.
  • has been around since 2013 and is one of the oldest and safest places to buy Bitcoin with Visa.

Defect of buying Bitcoin in Iran on

  • A bitcoin purchase fee is quite high

Buy Bitcoin with visa in Iran on eToro

Another service that currently allows the use of Visa to buy Bitcoin is eToro. eToro works differently than other websites. eToro enables you to buy both stocks and cryptocurrencies in one account. It also allows you to make automated trading copy transactions designed by trading professionals. This will allow you to set the amount you want to invest each month and invest in the best cryptocurrencies even if you don’t follow the news carefully.



  • Up to $ 100 in free Bitcoin bonus on first eligible purchase.
  • Copy-trading funds to buy with expert traders.
  • You can resell Bitcoin on the exchange at any time.


  • eToro is limited to holding investments; for this reason, they will not allow you to withdraw your cryptocurrency from their exchange. However, this means your money is safe. You can sell your cryptocurrency anytime on the platform, and they have noted that withdrawal options will be added in the future.

Buy Bitcoin on the local exchange in Iran

  • Bitbarg

Bitbarg is a P2P site that has the lowest sell offer for Bitcoin.  You can sell and buy Bitcoin with the best prices, no intermediaries. And they guarantee that you earn your money; while they don’t charge you with fees. You can buy Bitcoin in less than an hour.


  • Btc-iran

Btc-iran is a cryptocurrency trading platform in Iran. Although the current solutions of the exchange are only sufficient to provide the ability to solve the problem at a given time. However, the Btc-iran team is working hard to build a safe, useful, and easy-to-use product based on its Blockchain. It will include easy integration of electronic payments and even a digital arbitration system.


The convenient point of Btc-iran is that anyone who has an internet-connected PC or smartphone can start cryptocurrency trading quickly.

Besides, the Crypto-System of the platform is quite modern. You only need to rotate your smart device horizontally to start trading. Besides that, you will have access to some quite interesting features.

  • Curated cryptocurrency.
  • Multi-language system.
  • Synthetic purse.
  • Professional network.
  • Easy money withdrawal

Buy Bitcoin via the exchanger

The exchanger is intermediaries specializing in buying and selling Bitcoin in the market. Trading with them is also very simple. You send the BTC wallet address and money to them. They will then send the BTC to your wallet. Transactions will occur quickly if both parties agree on the price and method of transactions.

However, this method should only be used when you know who is selling Bitcoin to you. And, make sure you double-check the reputation of this trader.


  • Low transaction fees.
  • Cheaper than OTC.
  • Quick: the professional exchanger will have quick action. Quotes and transfers only occur in minutes.


  • Fraud risks: This is a form of buying Bitcoin that has many holes to scammer presenting. Many sophisticated types of scam have taken place through this way of selling Bitcoin. Scammer can pretend to be another reputable exchanger to fool new people.

The note when buying Bitcoin

Before you start buying yourself the first BTC, you should note:

  • Choose for themselves a reputable, clear, and well-supported trading platform.
  • Choose a Bitcoin wallet that suits your needs.
  • Do not put all your money in one place; avoid unwanted incidents (exchanges, wallets hacked, collapsed, …).
  • Find out information about specific trading platforms and exchangers before trading.
  • KYC and use 2FA layer security.

Buy Bitcoin through Bitcoin ATM

Up to now, there is no Bitcoin ATM in Iran. Therefore, you cannot buy Bitcoin via ATM here. So, if you get advice to hurry Bitcoin at ATM, chances are you are being cheated. Please be careful.


Source: Coinatmradar

Above is a list of Bitcoin ATM locations in countries around the world. You can see more here.


Understanding how to store, and knowing the essential notes when buying Bitcoin will help you have an excellent first experience with the crypto market.

There are two main sides in crypto: TRADE and HODL (hold). Regardless of which side you choose, you should remember the first principle is safety and protection of your assets.

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