How Polygon (MATIC) Can Explode to $10 in 2022?

Polygon (MATIC) is a key of the Ethereum layer. MATIC is trading at $2.13 at press time. And Lark Davis, a crypto investor and KOL, believed this altcoin can pump to $10 and nothing can stop it. He also shared incredible news and information and statistics about Polygon to prove his prediction. Let’s check out what makes Polygon pump 5x in the near future.

Polygon Expansion

Mirror Protocol (MIR) are both ZK roll-up solutions that Polygon will also be implementing and bringing out. This means that they are able to work across chains and have different solutions on top of Ethereum.

Ernst & Young launched Nightfall on Ethereum and it is also launching on Polygon.

Spencer Noon says 0x Polygon bridges have seen $500 million in inflows over the last 7 days, half a billion dollars moving over from other chains to Polygon, more than $28 billion all-time right now dwarfing all other blockchain bridges.

There is a lot of money coming into the Polygon ecosystem because it’s a great user experience for people using that ecosystem


In 2021, Polygon has 100 million-plus wallets, more than 3,000 applications launched and more than a billion transactions happened on Polygon. They had 6 new solutions were released. Only 15% have addresses on Ethereum, which means 85% of the new Polygon users are choosing Polygon. Polygon welcomed 7200 new developers just in December.

1.8 million smart contracts were deployed on Polygon, which is 18 times as many smart contracts were done compared to Ethereum. 50,000 Polygon-based NFT sold. 2 million NFTs sold in December on Polygon and OpenSea. Over 10,000 NFT collections on Polygon, 15 billion total assets, 80 plus active games, 2.5 billion dollars in NFT trading volumes.

These huge statistic numbers are enough to prove the development of Polygon.


UniSwap, the biggest decentralized exchange in the world, is now live on Polygon. Aave, one of the biggest DeFi protocols. OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace, and The Sandbox, one of the biggest metaverses, also coming over to Polygon.


Polygon is launching EIP 1559, which is the burning mechanism that Ethereum brought in, currently live on the testnet. We’re gonna start burning off MATIC on every single transaction.

“For all of these reasons and more, I believe that a $10 MATIC is inevitable,” Lark firmly asserted.

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