How much Bitcoin can you buy for $ 1 compared to the 2020 peak of $ 13,000?

If considering the bridging calculation of mathematics, A = B, then B = A. Is it true in the cryptocurrency market or not? Let’s see, if 1 Bitcoin = $ 13,000 then we have the equation $ 13,000 = 1 BTC. Next, shrink the equation back to just $ 1,000. $ 1,000 can bring you 0.076 BTC, and likewise, $ 500 can repurchase 0.0384 BTC, and $ 250 can bring in 0.0192 BTC. Finally, for just $ 1, you can get 0.00076 BTC.

What are the above calculations for? How much Bitcoin can you buy for just $ 1 if the price continues to rise?

This may sound small at first, but let’s see how it has lost value year-to-date. Now, keep in mind that the phrase dumping can be a harsh word or a contradictory word because $ 1 has been devalued simply because Bitcoin’s price has risen more than 75% since the beginning of the year nothing more.

So, how much is $ 1 worth at the beginning of this year? When Bitcoin is priced around $ 7,200, then $ 1 will bring you around 0.000139 BTC. This is about 1.8 times the amount you can buy right now. And with Bitcoin dropping as low as $ 5,000 on March 12, how much can $ 1 buy? This figure is about $ 0.00199 or more than 2.52 times the amount of Bitcoin you can buy right now.

Here’s a chart looking at how much $ 1 could get you from a 2020 peak of $ 13,000, from the beginning of the year to the end of September, before Bitcoin crossed $ 12,500.


Now, what does this tell you? Here, we should be cautious when measuring how much Bitcoin $ 1 can get you because one of the best things about Bitcoin is the ability to buy in pieces rather than in its entirety. We mean, you can’t buy a $ 1 TSLA stock, can you? You have to save until you get the right amount to buy it.

Second, just $ 1, since the beginning of the year and especially since the March drop, can only bring you lower and lower Bitcoin. If you are a speculator, this should make you wonder, how much less can $ 1 get me making tomorrow?

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