How Do I Buy Crypto with Simplex?

More people are delving into crypto because they see it as a way to make money online. Decentralized digital currencies are highly revered by the crypto community, and Bitcoin exchanges and fintech partners such as Simplex are making the industry even more popular. If you are a blockchain enthusiast who wants to invest in crypto, you should know how to buy Bitcoin with Simplex.

The crypto market is full of rogue operators with fraudulent websites popping up frequently to cash in on the unwary investor’s mistakes. In 2019, the Wall Street Journal reported that crypto scams resulted in more than $4 billion of losses — that’s a huge amount of money.

Overall, doing your homework is vital when it comes to choosing crypto platforms and your means of payment. Simplex is one crypto-friendly company that is set to revolutionize the digital currency landscape. The fintech giant is striving to create a reliable system that allows investors to transact in crypto without worrying about fraud and stress.

What is Simplex?

Simplex is a crypto brokerage that offers payment gateway solutions to several businesses (exchanges) in the crypto niche. It provides you with a stress-free way to purchase your desired crypto at the best rates using your credit card. It is secure and instant.

The Simplex brand was established in 2014 as a financial technology (fintech) startup. Operating in the EU, the Simplex team aims to cleanse the crypto world of fraud and make it highly secure and safe for all investors including day-to-day traders and HODLers.

Is Simplex Legit?

Simplex reviews are largely positive, which means it is legit. The crypto brokerage is a proud partner with top Bitcoin exchanges such as Nakitcoins. You may choose Simplex to buy Bitcoins from Nakitcoins using your simplex visa card.

How to buy crypto with Simplex Banking

  •   Before you can purchase crypto with Simplex Banking, you will need to create a simplex Banking account and top up your balance.
  •   The procedure is quite easy if you follow the link
  •   You could buy your crypto directly by clicking on the Buy Crypto tab at the top of the Simplex homepage.
  •   Your funds will be sent to the crypto address of your choice.
  •   Simplex advises its customers to use crypto addresses that are under their control.
  •   The fees charged by Simplex to process your transaction are about 0.5% (with a 5 euro minimum).

How fast are simplex Bitcoin purchase transactions?

The Simplex debit card transaction speed is fast. Here, transaction speed talks about how long it takes you to get your crypto after making your payment to the exchange. It’s the ultimate dream of every crypto buyer to receive their funds at the speed of light after completing payment. 

Having been in the fintech space for a long time, Simplex has put systems in place to speed up payment processing. However, the crypto brokerage specifies that in some cases, payments can take between two to three days to process.

This could happen when there is a problem with verification checks or other issues. Aside from that, your crypto transaction is supposed to be instant with Simplex.

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