Hop DAO Rewards Witch Hunters with 869,566 HOP Tokens for Foiling Sybil Attack

Shane Fontaine, the co-founder of Hop Protocol, has initiated the proposal of the “HOP Airdrop Sybil Hunter Distribution.” The proposal aims to reward 35 Sybil hunters who played a crucial role in safeguarding the Hop DAO during its launch last year. Currently enjoying a support rate of 99.46%, this initiative is poised to distribute 869,566 HOP tokens to the deserving individuals.

When the Hop DAO was first introduced, it faced a significant challenge from Sybil attackers. However, thanks to the vigilance and efforts of the Sybil hunters, these attackers were successfully identified and removed from the HOP airdrop. As a result, the Hop DAO managed to retain approximately 3.5 million tokens that would have otherwise fallen into the hands of the malicious actors.

The Sybil hunters not only safeguarded the DAO’s assets but also made substantial contributions in promoting the DAO indirectly. Their innovative and effective methods inspired other projects, such as the SAFE airdrop and the Arbitrum airdrop, to adopt elements of Hop’s airdrop design. Both teams explicitly recognized Hop as a source of inspiration during their respective airdrop processes. This validation further solidified the DAO’s influence and reinforced its position as a leader in the space.

The specifics of the HOP Airdrop Sybil Hunter Distribution are as follows:

  • Total tokens to distribute: 869,566.51 HOP
  • Total recipients: 35 deserving Sybil hunters
  • Distribution method: The Hop DAO will transfer the funds to an OpenZeppelin PaymentSplitter contract, enabling the recipients to claim the tokens sent to the contract. The verified contract address is 0xD62524e1Bd146AB1a8e3D03ea8646870E3684fEe. The contract claim start time is set for Friday, June 9, 2023, at 10:48:36 GMT+0000. This start time aligns with the commencement of all HOP vesting contracts created at the beginning of the DAO’s existence.

Moving forward, the proposal outlined in HIP-13 will proceed from the forum to a proposal on Snapshot, and subsequently to Tally, assuming consensus is reached at each stage. Community members are encouraged to participate actively in the voting process to determine the fate of this significant initiative.

The Hop Protocol community eagerly anticipates the successful implementation of the “HOP Airdrop Sybil Hunter Distribution” proposal, expressing their gratitude to the Sybil hunters for their invaluable contributions to the security and growth of the DAO. With this rewarding initiative, the Hop DAO continues to exemplify the spirit of collaboration and innovation that has made it a force to be reckoned with in the decentralized finance ecosystem.

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